Zimmerman Wins at Butler

Doug Zimmerman. - Tom Willavize Photo

Doug Zimmerman. - Tom Willavize Photo
From Tom Wilavize

Quincy, MI — (September 1, 2012) — Doug Zimmerman would inch closer to clinching the 2012 Butler Motor Speedway Winged Sprint Car championship with his feature win in front of a huge crowd on Saturday. The feature event would see Brian Lay and Zimmerman bring the field to green. Zimmerman would get to the lead, while Lay would pull to the infield with mechanical woes. Once in the lead, Zimmerman would build a lead over Josh Turner, when the red would fly for Gerry Hart, who ended up on his side. Zimmerman would go on to win the feature over Kevin Atkins. Preliminary action saw a nasty crash with Scott Hasen and Brad Lamberson both flipping wildly. Hasen would be done for the night, while Lamberson would get the car together for the feature, starting 16th and finishing 5th.

Winged Sprints
Feature: 1. 19 Doug Zimmerman , 2. 48 Kevin Atkins, 3. 27K Ryan Kirkendall, 4. 31J Bill Jacoby, 5. 27B Brad Lamberson, 6. 8 Aaron Huff, 7. 10J Jared Delong, 8. 11 Trey Smith, 9. 39 Gerry Hart, 10. 50B Mike Burns, 11. 12B Mike Baker , 12. 47 Rob Bulloch, 13. 10J Chris Jones, 14. 4 Josh Turner, 15. 9E Tim Evilsizer, 16. 44 Tom Davies, 17. 39JR Chad Hart, 18. 45 Brian Lay, 19. 911 Scott Hasen
Heat Winners: Kevin Atkins, Gerry Hart, Brian Lay