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pass PA Sprint Series logoBy Todd Fisher

Newberrytown, PA (April 13, 2013) – Chase Billet of Dover claimed an emotional victory in the Late Models on York County Racing Club Night at the Susquehanna Speedway Park on Saturday Night.  Hanover’s Mike Walls took his second win-in-row by leading every lap of the Street Stock 20 lapper.  Logan Wagner of Harrisonville picked up the win in the 20-lap PA Sprint Series feature event.  Lancaster’s Donnie Broderick won the Xtreme Stock Car 20 lapper.  The 15-lap Road Warrior feature was won by York Haven’s Daryl Sipe.  Joshua Michael claimed the 10-lap Mini Van feature.


Chase Billet started on the pole position and grabbed the early lead over Justin Ehrhart.  A brief yellow bunched up the field on lap 4.  On the restart, Billet continued to set the pace as drivers used multiple grooves to race.  The yellow did not fly again until the 22nd circuit when J.R. Rodriguez spun in turn 3.  The 3-lap shoot-out for the win was between Billet, Ehrhart and Colby Frye.  At the finish, they retained the same spots as the restart with Billet taking the win over Ehrhart.  Behind Frye in fourth was Billy Wampler and John Moser Jr. in fifth.  Randy Christine Jr. won the JR’s Paving Hard Charger award for finishing 7th after starting in the 18th position.  Billet, Ehrhart and Chris Knopp were the heat race winners.


Mike Walls grabbed the early lead of the 20-lap Street Stock feature from the pole position and never looked back to claim his second consecutive win this season.  Gary Potts was close behind in second, with 2012 SSP track champion Randy Zechman finishing third.  Jim Palm Jr. and Jasen Geesaman took fourth and fifth respectively.  Mike Walls, Scott and Palm Jr. were heat race victors.


The 20-lap Xtreme Stock Car feature event had Patrick McClane lead the first lap and led until he retired from the race with mechanical failure on the 14th circuit.  This gave the lead to Donnie Broderick.  Broderick went on to take the checkers by a car length over Cameron Benyou.  Benyou was the Madison House Hard Charger of the race after starting 12th and finishing second.  Tim Hahn finished strong in third.  Johnny Palm and Dan Snyder finished fourth and fifth respectively.


In the 20-lap PA Sprint Series feature, Freddie Rahmer grabbed the early lead with Alex Schanz waking the top spot away on lap 6.  Matt Mountz made it a three car battle for the lead until lap 8 when a lapped car spun in front of the lead pack collecting Rahmer in the melee.  On the restart, Mountz took the lead from Schanz and continued to lead the pack midway through the race.  On lap 15, Logan Wagner blasted into the lead coming all the way from a 9th place starting position.  Wagner held on to take his first checkers of the season at SSP.  Mountz finished in the runner-up spot with Schanz coming across the line in third.  Scott Ellerman and rim-rider George Riden rounded out the top five.  Logan Wagner, Billy Ney and Mike Wagner II won their respective heat races.  Ian Detweiler won the consolation race.


Daryl Sipe took the lead on lap six from Terry Hartlaub in the Road Warrior 15 lapper and went on to take the victory over Hartlaub and Curt McDade.  Ryan Smith and Richard Wolfe completed the top five.  Hartlaub, Dennis Dorosz and Ryan Smith were heat race winners.


Joshua Michael lead from start to finish to win the 10-lap Mini Van race.  Zakari Kitner finished second, followed by Donny Groff in third.  Jeremy Haines and Al Kessock rounded out the top five.   Groff was the heat race victor.


Racing action returns to the Big Track at SSP on Sunday night, April 14 with the 410 Super Sprint Cars along with the 358 Sprint Cars in the 4th Annual Sprint Car Spring Classic.


Then on Saturday, April 20, Figure 8 Racing returns to SSP along with the Late Models, Street Stocks, Xtreme Stocks, Road Warriors/Mini Vans and the PENNMAR Vintage Cars.

The Susquehanna Speedway Park is located off I-83 to exit 32, then 1.4 miles NW on SR382 to York Road, then 1.3 miles south.  For more information, contact the speedway offices at (717) 292-1696 or visit online at sspracing.net.  On raceday, use the track phone at (717) 938-9170 for up-to-date information at the “Big Track” and the “Outback Track.”


Susquehanna Speedway Park Race Results from Saturday, April 13, 2013

Late Models Feature (25 laps): 1. Chase Billet; 2. Justin Ehrhart; 3. Colby Frye; 4. Billy Wampler; 5. John Moser Jr.; 6. Chris Knopp; 7. Randy Christine Jr.; 8. Dan Zechman; 9. Matt Murphy; 10. Steve Billet; 11. Eric Irvin; 12. Bob Minnich; 13. J.R. Rodriguez; 14. Tim Murphy; 15. Jake Moser; 16. Eddie Drury; 17. Denny Willey; 18. Matt Adams; 19. Nathan Ottensmeyer; DNS – Larry Baer; Randy Stoudt.

FEATURE LAP LEADERS: C. Billet (1-25).

JR’s PAVING HARD CHARGER: Randy Christine Jr. (+11 positions: 18th start / 7th finish)

HEAT RACE WINNERS: C. Billet; Ehrhart and Knopp


Street Stocks Feature (20 laps): 1. Mike Walls; 2. Gary Potts; 3. Randy Zechman; 4. Jim Palm Jr.; 5. Jasen Geesaman; 6. Bob Scott Jr.; 7. Josh Bloom; 8. Scott Thunberg; 9. Jaynee Zeigler; 10. Eddie Richards; 11. Dalton Frye; 12. Brandin Ort; 13. Patrick McClane; 14. Kevin Heckman; 15. Garrett Shover; 16. Chris Derr; 17. Nick Bloom; 18. Jim Rost Jr.; 19. Don Zechman; DNS – Bruce McClane; Michelle Walls.

FEATURE LAP LEADERS: Mike Walls (1-20).

HEAT RACE WINNERS: Mike Walls; Palm Jr. and Scott.


Xtreme Stock Cars Feature (20 laps):  1. Donnie Broderick; 2. Cameron Benyou; 3. Tim Hahn; 4. Johnny Palm; 5. Dan Snyder; 6. Rich Lomman; 7. Dave Kamp; 8. Eric Flinchbaugh; 9. Mike Smith; 10. David Goode; 11. Chad Stine; 12. Logan Greer; 13. Patrick McClane; 14. Geoff Shenk.

FEATURE LAP LEADERS: McClane (1-13); Broderick (14-20).

MADISON HOUSE HARD CHARGER: Cameron Benyou (+10 positions: 12th start / 2nd finish)

HEAT RACE WINNER: Broderick and Stine.


PA Sprint Series Feature (20 laps):  1. Logan Wagner; 2. Matt Mountz; 3. Alex Schanz; 4. Scott Ellerman; 5. George Riden; 6. John Braim; 7. Kody Lehman; 8. Craig Myers; 9. Erin Statler; 10. Dalton Dietrich; 11. Mark Watkins; 12. Andrew Hake; 13. Cobly Dice; 14. Tyler Reeser; 15. Mike Koehler; 16. Marcus Defreitas; 17. Freddie Rahmer; 18. Ian Detweiler; 19. Tyler Lebo; 20. Lance Newlin; 21. Scott Gobrecht; 22. Billy Ney; 23. Mike Wagner II; 24. Russell Hammaker; DNQ – Gary Zimmerman; Zack Newlin; Eric Parker; Brandon Rahmer.

FEATURE LAP LEADERS: Rahmer (1-5); Schanz (6-8); Mountz (9-14); L. Wagner (15-20).

HEAT RACE WINNERS: L. Wagner; M. Wagner II and Ney.