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From Rich Vleck


Rochester, NY — (June 23, 2013) — Black Rock Speedway, easily the most-visited venue in Patriot Sprint Tour Series history, will host the most PST America events this season and thus will be a major factor in determining the champion, especially when you consider that it is the only PST America event to take place over nearly a two-month span.


This Friday Night, for a record 36th time, the Black Rock Speedway in Dundee, NY will play host to a Patriot Sprint Tour Sanctioned event.  This will be the second of three trips for the series to the 4/10-mile Yates County oval this year, with this edition presented by Insinger Race Fuels.


Justin Barger put on quite a performance back in May to win on the series’ 10-year anniversary.  Now eight races into the year, Barger, along with the other seven feature winners, still just have a single win in PST competition this year.  The possibility of the first repeat winner is definitely strong, but it is anything from a certainty.


Along with Barger, Bryan Howland and Jared Zimbardi also have a win each this season, as well as career wins at Black Rock.  Defending PST America Champion Scott Kreutter also has a win this year, but has yet to grace Black Rock Victory Lane, just like Jason Barney, who won this past weekend with the PST in Canada.


Of course, there are a slew of names of drivers still in search of their first win of 2013.  Tommy Wickham is the highest driver in PST America points yet to garner a win this year, with Geoff Quackenbush, Brad Knab, Clint Ide and Bruce DeWick the rest of the drivers in the top 10 that have not won this season.


Dave Wickham, Steve Collins, Tyler Graves, Brandan Warner, Steven Hutchison Jr., Scott Just, Dave Just, Paul Habeck and Robbie Stillwaggon are among some of the other competitors that are expected to contend this Friday.


One driver that may be in attendance, but certainly not in a car, is George Suprick.  Suprick, the defending winner of the mid-summer sprint event at Black Rock last year, suffered a heart attack after the last PST America event at Mercer back on June 1 and will be out of his race car for the remainder of the year.  Suprick, of Clarks Summit, PA, is hoping to be on hand Friday to continue his mentoring role for teammate Clint Ide.


Racing action will kick off early at 6:45 P.M. on Friday.  For more information, visit


Patriot Sprint Tour History at Black Rock

Races: 35

9/6/2003- Scott Bonnell

4/24/2004- Rich Swarthout

5/22/2004- Lance Yonge

6/5/2004- George Suprick

6/12/2004- George Suprick

6/19/2004- George Suprick

6/26/2004- Bobby Breen

7/2/2004- Rick Wilson

7/10/2004- Chuck Hebing

7/17/2004- George Suprick

8/7/2004- Blake Breen

8/14/2004- Blake Breen

9/4/2004- Chuck Hebing

9/11/2004- Trevor Lewis

8/13/2005- George Suprick

9/10/2005- Trevor Lewis

8/12/2006- Chuck Hebing

9/9/2006- Curt Michael

5/18/2007- Chuck Hebing

5/19/2007- Travis Rilat

8/11/2007- Jared Zimbardi

8/8/2008- Justin Barger

5/15/2009- Bobby Breen

8/7/2009- Trevor Lewis

4/30/2010- Chuck Hebing

8/6/2010- Bryan Howland

9/10/2010- Bobby Breen and Alain Bergeron (Preliminary Events)

9/11/2010- Justin Barger

5/7/2011- J.J. Grasso

7/8/2011- Chuck Hebing

8/12/2011- Jared Zimbardi

5/4/2012- Bobby Breen

6/29/2012- George Suprick

8/10/2012- Tony Stewart

5/3/2013- Justin Barger