Bell gets second MOWA win in Fox 53 at Lincoln

Chris Bell Bill Baker photo
By Dewayne Hulett
LINCOLN, Ill. (Oct. 11, 2013) – Christopher Bell and the Fox 53 racing team have proven to be quite the strong combination, as they have now combined to have two wins and two second place finishes with the Midwest Open Wheel Association (MOWA), after their win at Lincoln Speedway, Friday.

Chris Bell Bill Baker photo
Chris Bell
Bill Baker photo
Bell led from the drop of the green, and survived heavy lapped traffic and a late race charge by Terry McCarl to hold on for his second MOWA win of the season.
McCarl, who won the dash, started on the pole of the 25 lap main event, but it was Bell who went to the top spot at the drop of the green. While Bell was out front, McCarl and Brian Brown had a good race for second, especially after the last caution that came with a handful of laps left. A pair of slidejobs, and a little conversation amongst two veteran drivers following the race, eventually ending with McCarl in second and Brown in third.
Racing behind the top three was very good, with several story lines playing out throughout the night.
Joey Moughan, who started 13th, had a great run as he moved up to finish fourth, while “Sunshine” Tyler Courtney finished in the fifth spot. For Courtney, it was his first career winged sprint car start. He drove a back-up car of Danny Smith’s, and won his heat race, before running in the top five during the entire feature.
Before the event, Smith said Courntey’s father and Smith had been friends for many years, and when asked if he could get “Sunshine” in a winged ride for a night, there was no doubt he would put the back-up car to use.
With Shaheen’s weekend in full swing, one of the few drivers in the field that had actually ran at “Little” Springfield, had a good night as well, as Jim Moughan made the dash and ran eighth in the feature. Moughan has ran sparingly this season with work keeping him busy this summer, but the veteran has run well in most of his appearances with the series in 2013.
Kenny Bragg, Gilson, Ill., made his first career MOWA start, Friday, when he climbed in his 73 sprinter for the first time in two years. He got upside down in his heat race, but returned to run his B-main.
Bryan Clauson made another MOWA start, this time in the Blazin’ Racin’ 82 machine. He made the feature but a late race spin sent him to the back of the lead lap, he eventually finished 10th.
Action continues with the series, tonight, when it holds its season championship race at Jacksonville Speedway. With 39 cars in the pits at Lincoln Speedway, 30-plus cars are expected in Jacksonville. Jerrod Hull holds a nearly insurmountable points lead as he enters the final race of the season, being chased by A.J. Bruns.
Feature: 1. Christopher Bell, 2. Terry McCarl, 3. Brian Brown, 4. Joey Moughan, 5. Tyler Courtney, 6. Jerrod Hull, 7. Bret Tripplett, 8. Jim Moughan, 9. A.J. Bruns, 10. Bryan Clauson, 11. Cory Bruns, 12. Critter Malone, 13. Jimmy Hurley, 14. Jeremy Standridge, 15. Joe B. Miller, 16. Chris Urish, 17. Matt Harms, 18. Ben Wagoner, 19. Danny Smith, 20 Lynton Jeffrey.
Dash: 1. Terry McCarl, 2. Christopher Bell, 3. Brian Brown, 4. Jerrod Hull, 5. Cory Bruns, 6. Tyler Courtney, 7. Critter Malone, 8. Jim Moughan.
B-Main 1: 1. Chris Urish, 2. Joe B. Miller, 3. Caleb Wankel, 4. Jimmy Davies, 5. Korey Weyant, 6. Brett Samonds, 7. Austin Brown, 8. Donnie Beechler, 9. Levi Curry, 10. Mark Brucker, 11. Tyler Shoemaker, 12. John Dines (DNS).
B-Main 2: 1. Lynton Jeffrey, 2. Matt Harms, 3. Robbie Standridge, 4. John Potter, 5.Kenny Bragg, 6. Paul Nienhiser, 7. Tiffany Wyzard, 8. Ryan Kempin, 9. Raymond Hensley (DNS), 10. Andy Baugh (DNS), 11. Logan Faucon (DNS).
Heat 1: 1. Critter Malone, 2. Terry McCarl, 3. Bret Triplett, 4. Danny Smith, 5. Ben Wagoner, 6. John Dines, 7. Tiffany Wyzard, 8. Donnie Beechler, 9.Austin Brown, 10. Kenny Bragg.
Heat 2: 1. Jerrod Hull, 2. Cory Bruns, 3. Jim Moughan, 4. Caleb Wankel, 5. Matt Harms, 6. Ryan Kempin, 7. Tyler Shoemaker, 8. Raymond Hensley, 9. Brett Samonds, 10. Logan Faucon.
Heat 3: 1. Brian Brown, 2. Jeremy Standridge, 3. Bryan Clauson, 4. Chris Urish, 5. Jimmy Hurley, 6. Paul Nienhiser, 7. Jimmy Davies, 8. John Potter, 9. Robbie Standridge, 10. Korey Weyant.
Heat 4: 1. Tyler Courtney, 2. Christopher Bell, 3. A.J. Bruns, 4. Joey Moughan, 5. Lynton Jeffrey, 6. Joe B. Miller, 7. Mark Brucker, 8. Levi Curry, 9. Andy Baugh.