Silver Dollar Speedway Features Variety of Auto Races in 2014

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silver dollar Speedway chicoFrom Troy Hennig

Chico, CA — (January 8, 2014) —  It has been the goal of promoter Dennis Gage since the day he took over the yearly operations of the Silver Dollar Speedway to offer a wide variety of auto racing for the fans.  This season he has accomplished that goal by offering to host 16 different divisions of cars at the Silver Dollar Speedway this upcoming year.  “We pride ourselves in offering our fans a diverse line up of racing events,” said Gage.  “Our schedule offers an assortment of motorsports entertainment.”

The Silver Dollar Speedway will host such diverse events as the World of Outlaw sprint car series three times in 2014, Monster Trucks for three days, Arena/Supercross and a Destruction Derby during the Fair in May.  However, even with the diversity, the staple of the speedway has always been the Friday night weekly series.  “While we try hard to offer new and exciting forms of auto racing, we also know that our bread and butter is the drivers, teams and fans that support our Friday night races,” said Gage.

This year the Silver Dollar Speedway will attempt the earliest play date in the history of the facility.  February 21st, we will offer a “play night” from 6pm to 10pm.  Other practice days are scheduled for March 2nd and 23rd from noon to 4pm.

The official first race weekend will take place on March 7th and 8th with the annual Silver Cup Race of Champions.  Friday night opens up with the 360 winged sprints, wingless sprints and dirt modifieds.  On Saturday night the winged 360 sprint cars return along with a point shows for the Joe Hunt Magnetos Wingless series and the Nor-Cal Modified Challenge.

Another first for the speedway is the offering of two weekly Friday night point shows in March.  On March 14th the season begins with 360 winged sprints, hobby stocks, street stocks and modifieds.  Point race #2 will be held March 28th with the winged 360 sprints getting a guaranteed $2,000 to win on this night.  Joining them will be the Perma-Zyme wingless sprints and winged economy sprints.  This night leads us into Saturday night when the World of Outlaws return for one night only as part of the Mini Gold Cup on March 29th.

Silver Dollar Speedway is hosting a March Madness opportunity for winged 360 drivers and teams.  If one driver wins all four races in March, they will receive an extra $4,000 on top of the winnings of each race.  Win three of four races and receive an extra $2,000.  Win two of the four and get an extra $1,000.

April 4th is the first chance for the winged 410 sprint cars to get a point show under their belts for 2014.  In all, 11 point shows are scheduled for the 410 winged sprint cars.  As of now, points will also be kept for the Perma-Zyme wingless series, hobby stocks, modifieds, street stocks, late models, mini stocks and winged economy sprints.

The Speedway is proud and honored to host numerous Memorial races in 2014.  April 18th is the Bill Brownell night, May 3rd the Dave Bradway Jr. Memorial, June 6th is the David Tarter Memorial and August 22nd will once again be the Tyler Wolf night.  The Fall Nationals will honor native Stephen Allard.  Both the Bradway and Tarter races are King of the West events.

The speedway will be busy once again during the Silver Dollar Fair.  May 23rd the arena cross track will be built inside the racetrack.  The following night the traditional 200-lap Enduro race will take place.  The Civil War sprint car series will headline the Sunday night activity.  The second annual destruction derby on Monday, May 26th, will bring a close to four consecutive days of motorsports.

The 61st Anniversary of the Gold Cup Race of Champions will take place from September 3rd through the 6th and offer four of the fastest nights in dirt track racing.  The Civil War and Joe Hunt Magnetos series will attack the track on Wednesday night.  Thursday we are excited to bring back the USAC/CRA non-wing sprint cars along with the USAC/BCRA midgets.  Once again, Friday and Saturday night will belong to the World of Outlaw sprint cars.  This year’s theme will include a thorough and heart-felt tribute the greatest sprint car driver ever, Steve Kinser, who announced late last year that this will be his final full season on the World of Outlaws tour.

The season will once again conclude with the Fall Nationals.  This year we are going to dedicate the event to the memory of Stephan Allard and offer extra incentives for fans and drivers.  Joining the winged 360 sprint cars will be the dirt modifieds on both nights.

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February 21       Play Night-6 to 10

March 2             Play Day-Noon to 4

March 7             Silver Cup  360 Sprints,  Wingless Sprints,  Modifieds

March 8             Silver Cup  360 Sprints, Hunt Wingless Sprints, Nor-Cal Modifieds

March 14           Pt. race #1 360 Sprints, Hobby Stock, Street Stock, Modifieds

March 23           Play Day-Noon to 4

March 28           Pt. race #2 360 Winged Sprint, Wingless, Economy Sprints, Dwarf

March 29           Mini Gold Cup-World of Outlaw Sprint cars-Dwarf

April     4            Pt. race #3 410 Winged Sprints, Street Stocks, Mini Stocks, Ltd. Late Models, Hobby Stk.

April     11-13 Monster Trucks-No Races

April     18          Pt. race #4 410 Sprints, Modifieds, Ltd. Late Model, Economy Sprints, Hobby Stk. (Brownell)

April     25          Pt. race #5 410 Sprints, Street Stocks, Eco. Sprints, Hobby Stk., Ltd. Late Model

May       2          Pt. race #6  410 Sprints, Mini Stock, Modifieds, Wingless, Dwarf Cars (Fry’s Metals Nt)

May       3          Dave Bradway Jr. Memorial/ King of the West Winged 410 Sprint Cars/Economy Sprint

May       9          Pt. race #7 410 Sprints, Modifieds, Hobby Stock, Street Stock, Ltd. Late Model

May      16         NO Races-Fair Setup

May      23         Arena/Super Cross

May      24         200 Lap Enduro-Out House Race

May      25         Civil War Sprints

May      26         Destruction Derby

May      30         NO Races-Fair Tear Down

June        6         David Tarter Memorial/King of the West Winged Sprint Cars/Dwarf Cars(Tarter Mem)

June       13        Pt. race #8 410 Sprints, Street Stocks, Hobby Stock, Wingless, Midget Lites

June       20        NO Races-Nascar Sonoma

June       27        Pt. race #9 410 Sprints, BCRA Midgets, Economy Sprint, Vintage Hardtops

July         4         Pt race #10 410 Sprints, Economy Sprint, Street Stock, Modifieds, Mini Stock

July        11        No Races-Ocean Civil War

July        18        Pt race #11 360 Sprints, Wingless, Economy Sprints, Hobby Stocks, Vintage Hardtops

July        25        Pt race #12 410 sprints, Street Stock, Modifieds, Ltd. Late Models, Mini Stocks

Aug         1         Pt race #13 360 sprints, Economy Sprints, Mini Stocks, Hobby Stocks, Vintage Hardtops

Aug         8         No races-Hot August Night

Aug        15        Pt race #14 410 Sprints, Street Stock, Eco. Sprints, Hobby Stocks, Ltd. Late Model-Kids Night

Aug        22        Pt race #15 410 Sprints, Street Stock, Modifieds, Wingless, Ltd. Late Models (Cherry St Mini st)

Aug        29        No race-Gold Cup Setup                                                                                     ( Wolf Mem)

Sept         3        Gold Cup Civil War/Sprints-Hunt Magneto Series

Sept         4        Gold Cup USAC/CRA Sprints, USAC/BCRA Midgets

Sept         5        Gold Cup WoO 410 Winged Sprints

Sept         6        Gold Cup WoO 410 Winged Sprints

Sept       26        Fall Nationals 360/Modifieds (Tribute to Stephen Allard)

Sept       27        Fall Nationals 360/Nor-Cal Modifieds (Tribute to Stephen Allard)

Points kept from March 7 thru August.   Tentative     2014       Subject to Change.