CGS Completes Cottage Grove Chamber Night Despite Threatening Weather

nwwt NorthWest Wingless Tour
nwwt NorthWest Wingless Tour

From Ben Deatherage

Cottage Grove, OR — (May 3, 2014) — With threatening weather nearby, the Cottage Grove Speedway managed to complete the whole program for Cottage Grove Chamber Night on Saturday May 3rd. Classes that were action included the Northwest Wingless Tour, Late Models, Northwest Extreme Modifieds, and Dwarf Cars while the Hornets were added as a last minute addition.

The Northwest Wingless Tour would have a thriller of a feature with it being settled in the last few laps. Forest Grove driver Jake Gilman, in his Habitat For Humanity/Auto-Inter/Scott Raines Excavating #11X Maxim, would seize the lead on the initial start in his CGS debut. Gilman would surrender the lead on lap four to Mike Romig. Romig, from Vancouver, Washington and driving the Herz Precision Parts #22 Eagle, set a rapid pace as he searched for his first career NWWT triumph.

Romig was quick and looked to be en route to victory lane but Cottage Grove native Colin Baker captured the top spot on lap ten, in the Hedge Carter owned Huddle Automotive Repair/Oregon West RV/Steelhouse Metal Roofing/Hedge Carter Continuous Gutter Service #71 XXX, shortly after a restart.

Baker would operate his mount on the high side and built a huge lead on several occasions only for it to be cut down considerably due to a few cautions. A late race showdown would take place between Baker and the Automotive Sheetmetal/Gary’s Subaru Service/K&S Motorsports #10 XXX of Kyle Miller from Salem. The two would battle it out in the final ten laps with Miller setting up a move on lap twenty-two only to have the red flag come out.

The late race green-white-checker restart would have Baker and Miller again race for the lead. Miller tried to make the pass on the last lap but Baker would hold him off to capture his first career Northwest Wingless Tour victory.

Kyle Miller was a respectable second place over Mike Romig in third. Completing the top five would be Jeff Sibley of Oakdale, California in his Western Plumbing/Haiden Ford/S&S Automotive #42N TCR entry in fourth followed by Eugene’s Ozzie Osburn in the Tim Galloway owned Huddle Automotive Repair/Hedge Carter Continuous Gutter Service #1 KPC in fifth. Earning the Jim’s Tire Factory quick time award was Kyle Miller while heat race winners were Miller, Colin Baker, and Osburn.

In Late Model action it was another exciting bout as several drivers rose to the occasion. First off Mike Peters was very quick in the early goings after taking the lead while going three wide on the first lap. The Send Transportation/Interstate Cargo/Sierra Ridge Cabinets #88 Swartz of Peters from Cottage Grove would lead until lap eight after a slight bobble. Taking over first place would be the Style/AAA Home Inspection #4E Victory Circle of La Pine chauffer Trent Elliott.

Elliott would put on a show as he and fellow Central Oregon driver Shaun Mayea would battle side by side for several laps. Mayea, of Bend and driving his Cold Springs Resort/R.G. Remanufacturing/Superior Fuel Cells #36 Rocket, would gain the lead on lap nine but Elliott hung right with him.

As the laps wound down a late race caution on lap eighteen would bunch up the field. On the ensuing restart Eric Luckman of Coos Bay would utilize the bottom of the race track to put his Quadell Industries/Norway Industries/LNL Lumber Outlet #77L Rocket to the front. However he wouldn’t be able to build too much of a lead as another caution would take place on the following lap.

Luckman would restart as the leader and would hold down the position only to be overtaken by Shaun Mayea on lap twenty-two. Mayea would go on and win the feature to pick up his second straight Late Model victory at Cottage Grove Speedway.

Eric Luckman was second followed by Trent Elliott in third. Mike Peters would end the evening in fourth followed by his brother Ed Peters, also from Cottage Grove and driving the Interstate Cargo/Sierra Ridge Cabinets/Ron Peters Cabinets #78 MasterSbilt by SDMF machine, in fifth. Picking up the Jim’s Tire Factory quick time award was Trent Elliott while he would also win the only heat race of the evening.

The Dwarf Cars were on hand for their first race of the year. Creswell’s Kevin Hicks was out front early in The Wright Shop/Hicks Family Racing/B-Rad Motorsports #78 Philpott but would be overtaken on lap six by Ryan Martinez of Portland. Martinez, the former Sprint Car sensation and driving the Auto Truck Wholesale/Van Raden Industries/St. John’s Tire Factory #9 M&M would pull out to a large lead.

But as the lap count started to dwindle Martinez would feel some pressure by Castle Rock, Washington’s Guy Tow Jr. in his Fusion Graphix/Two Guys Racing/Hicks Family Racing #37 Ebeling as he looked to challenge for the lead. But as Tow would try and set things up he would get sideways on lap eleven and Martinez would be able to breathe a little easier. Martinez would lead the rest of the way to pick up the victory.

Guy Tow Sr. of Rainier would cross the stripe in second in his Two Guys Racing/Ron Greer Trucking & Excavating/Hicks Family Racing #46 M&M entry and behind him in third was Brad Hicks from Creswell in The Wright Shop/Hicks Family Racing/B-Rad Motorsports #77 B-Rad mount. In fourth was Kevin Hicks and Guy Tow Jr. in fifth. Getting the Jim’s Tire Factory quick time award was Ryan Martinez while Tow Jr. was the only heat race winner.

In Hornet action K.C Scott of Springfield and Cottage Grove’s Jim Simmons would duke it out for the win. Scott would get the early race lead in the Dalton Carpet/Dr. Vape Products/T.L. Morgan Motors #30 Mazda Protégé but Simmons would take over the top spot on lap four. Simmons would keep his Bigg Dogg Recycling/Marvin Smith Auto Repair/Body Works Salon #41 Honda Prelude out front but had some mechanical issues late in the race that would allow Scott to get back around on lap nine. Scott would finish on top to earn his first career main event win.

Jim Simmons would finish in second followed by Springfield’s Jason Nelson in the Quality RV Repair/Springfield Automotive Specialties/Visualize Signs #51 Volkswagen Scirroco in third. Earning the Jim’s Tire Factory quick time award was the Burnett Builders/Thela’s Custom Jewelry #7C Nissan 200SX of Josh Corley from Westfir while K.C. Scott won the heat race.

In the debut of the Northwest Extreme Modifieds there would be a handful of entries make the trip. Brandon Potter of St. Helens would lead the entire distance in his first time ever driving the Hope House #11 Pro. Potter was a late arrival but managed to make it just in time for the heat race earlier in the evening. Scott Akin from Crow was the only other entry to make it to the race and he would finish in second in his Akin Racing #54 Monster entry. Brandon Potter was also the winner in heat race action.

Next Friday night, May 9th, will be the first race of the season for the Kage Karts in 2014. General admission to the Kart race will be FREE of charge. Pit Passes are $10.00 and Car and Driver fees will be $35.00. The Pit Gate will open up around 3:00 PM and the Pit Meeting is at 6:00 PM with Hot Laps and Racing to follow.

On Saturday May 10th it will be Fan Appreciation Night where we bring out all the cars on the track before opening ceremonies for fans to take pictures, get autographs, etc. from their favorite teams. Classes in action will be the Huddle Automotive Repair 360 Sprints, Late Models, IMCA Modifieds, Street Stocks, and Hornets. In addition the Northwest Extreme Late Model Series will take on the local CGS Late Model contingent. Pit Gates will open at 2:00 PM, Front Gates open at 4:00, and Racing starts at 6:45. Tickets are Adults $12.00, Seniors/Military/Juniors (13-18) $10.00, Youths (Ages 12-6) $5.00, and Children under the age of 5 are FREE. For more information log on to

Race Summary
Saturday May 3rd, 2014
Cottage Grove Chamber Night
Cottage Grove Speedway
Cottage Grove, Oregon

Late Models
A Feature: 1. 36-Shaun Mayea; 2. 77X-Eric Luckman; 3. 4E-Trent Elliott; 4. 88-Mike Peters; 5. 78-Ed Peters; 6. 12B-Brittany Ray; 7. 16-Rob Williams; 8. S09-Kevin Kirk; 9. J871-Roy Kirk Jr.

Heat : 1. 4E-Trent Elliott; 2. 36-Shaun Mayea; 3. 77X-Eric Luckman; 4. 88-Mike Peters; 5. 78-Ed Peters; 6. 12B-Brittany Ray; 7. 16-Rob Williams

Jim’s Tire Factory Qualifying: 1. 4E-Trent Elliott; 2. 77X-Eric Luckman; 3. 36-Shaun Mayea; 4. 88-Mike Peters; 5. 12B-Brittany Ray; 6. 78-Ed Peters; 7. 16-Rob Williams; 8. J871-Roy Kirk Jr.; 9. S09-Kevin Kirk

NWWT Sprints
A Feature: 1. 71-Colin Baker; 2. 10-Kyle Miller; 3. 22-Mike Romig; 4. 42N-Jeff Sibley; 5. 1-Jeff Osburn; 6. 27W-Guy Weedman; 7. 11X-Jake Gilman; 8. 6A-Kady Adelman; 9. 21-Mike Griffith; 10. 50-Brad Rhodes; 11. 70-Raquel Ivie; 12. 15-Tony Parker; 13. 89-Sterling Kane; 14. 4E-Nathan Ellertson; 15. 69-Joe Bosso Jr; 16. 18-Mike Carrothers; 17. 5D-Patrick Dills; DNS 4-Jesse Thistle; DNS 94-Jeremiah Hester

Heat 1: 1. 10-Kyle Miller; 2. 42N-Jeff Sibley; 3. 27W-Guy Weedman; 4. 15-Tony Parker; 5. 6A-Kady Adelman; 6. 50-Brad Rhodes; 7. 4-Jesse Thistle

Heat 2: 1. 71-Colin Baker; 2. 4E-Nathan Ellertson; 3. 21-Mike Griffith; 4. 89-Sterling Kane; 5. 69-Joe Bosso Jr; 6. 18-Mike Carrothers

Heat 3: 1. 1-Jeff Osburn; 2. 22-Mike Romig; 3. 11X-Jake Gilman; 4. 70-Raquel Ivie; 5. 5D-Patrick Dills; 6. 94-Jeremiah Hester

Jim’s Tire Factory Qualifying: 1. 10-Kyle Miller; 2. 71-Colin Baker; 3. 22-Mike Romig; 4. 42N-Jeff Sibley; 5. 18-Mike Carrothers; 6. 70-Raquel Ivie; 7. 50-Brad Rhodes; 8. 89-Sterling Kane; 9. 11X-Jake Gilman; 10. 6A-Kady Adelman; 11. 69-Joe Bosso Jr; 12. 1-Jeff Osburn; 13. 27W-Guy Weedman; 14. 4E-Nathan Ellertson; 15. 5D-Patrick Dills; 16. 15-Tony Parker; 17. 21-Mike Griffith; 18. 94-Jeremiah Hester; 19. 4-Jesse Thistle

NW Extreme Modifieds
A Feature: 1. Brandon Potter; 2. Scott Akin

Dash: 1. Brandon Potter; 2. Scott Akin

Heat: 1. Brandon Potter; 2. Scott Akin

Hornets (Non-Points)
A Feature: 1. 30-K.C. Scott; 2. 41-Jim Simmons; 3. 51-Jason Nelson; 4. 7C-Josh Corley

Heat: 1. 30-K.C. Scott; 2. 51-Jason Nelson; 3. 41-Jim Simmons; DNS 7C-Josh Corley

Jim’s Tire Factory Qualifying: 1. 30-K.C. Scott; 2. 41-Jim Simmons; 3. 51-Jason Nelson; DNS 7C-Josh Corley

Dwarf Cars
A Feature: 1. 9-Ryan Martinez; 2. 46-Guy Tow Sr.; 3. 77-Brad Hicks; 4. 78-Kevin Hicks; 5. 37-Guy Tow Jr.; 6. 14-Robert O’Neil; DNS 76-Brian Hicks

Heat: 1. 37-Guy Tow Jr.; 2. 9-Ryan Martinez; 3. 14-Robert O’Neil; 4. 77-Brad Hicks; 5. 46-Guy Tow Sr.; 6. 78-Kevin Hicks; DNS 76-Brian Hicks

Jim’s Tire Factory Qualifying: 1. 9-Ryan Martinez; 2. 77-Brad Hicks; 3. 37-Guy Tow Jr.; 4. 78-Kevin Hicks; 5. 14-Robert O’Neil; 6. 46-Guy Tow Sr.; DNS 76-Brian Hicks