Lincoln Speedway Tease 2014

From Bill Meyer

Abbottstown, PA — (May 31, 2014) — Rookie Austin Hogue ran a great race and got a late-race break to score his first career win in the Delco Designs Night 410 sprint car feature at Lincoln Speedway Saturday night.

“When it’s you day, it’s your day,” said Hogue upon exiting the family BAPS Auto Paints and Supply/Livingston Lawn Care/Zirkle’s Garage #52 in victory lane, “I’m sure Danny (Dietrich) was all over me the whole time. It basically got rubber-down and I should have just stuck with it, but I tried to get greedy and get by Billy (Dietrich) in the middle and I lost it off turn two. The Lord was looking after me today, because the yellow came out and I was back in front. I won’t do that again.”

The mistake Hogue was referring to was an attempt to drive around Billy Dietrich while Danny Dietrich was closing in. Dietrich, who started tenth, drove under both his brother and Hogue to take lead, only to have pass negated by a caution flag for third-place Aaron Ott, who spun at the entrance to turn three.

“I’m shaking, I can’t believe it! This is just amazing!” said Hogue, “We struggled here all year, but this is my favorite track. It’s a taken a while to get a hold of it with the 410. This was like a 358 track tonight, and it was nice to get on a track I’m used to.”

“It’s a whole ‘nother world with these 410 sprints,” continued Hogue, “Everybody is so close, and anytime you’re off, it makes it really tough to stay with the guys that have been doing this as long as I’ve been alive.”

Dietrich settled for second, with Tyler Ross (another Lincoln 410 rookie), Robbie Kendall, and Brian Montieth rounding out the top five. Sixth through tenth were Adam Wilt, Ryan Wilson, Gerard McIntyre, Jr., Ryan Bohlke, and Freddie Rahmer.

Wilson started on the pole and led the first 12 laps before sixth-starting Hogue took over. The race went non-stop until Ott’s spin on lap 24, setting up the two-lap dash to the checkered.

Heats for the 34 sprinters were won by Kendall, Hogue, McIntyre, and Freddie Rahmer, with Jim Siegel winning the consolation.

Brian Montieth shook off a personal and team dry spell in claiming the 30-lap, $5,000-to-win Hilly Rife Memorial make-up feature earlier in the evening. Montieth started fifth and grabbed the race lead from polesitter and race-long leader Ryan Bohlke in heavy lapped traffic on the 17th lap. He drove away to a three-second win over Steve Owings to score his 42nd career Lincoln win, but his first of the season in the Pigeon Hills.

Bohlke crossed third, followed by McIntyre and 13th-starting Danny Dietrich.

Jeff Rohrbaugh started on the pole and brought another Delco Designs car to victory lane after leading every lap to cap off a career-first two-win weekend in the 358 sprint car feature. The final margin of victory in Rohrbaugh’s tenth career Lincoln win was 1.25 seconds.

Doug Hammaker ran second to Rohrbaugh the entire race, with 11th-starting Niki Young, Chandler Leiby, and Chase Dietz completing the top five.

Heats for the 29 358 sprinters were won by Matt Campbell, Jordon Givler, and Young, with Ashley Cappetta winning the consolation.

Kevin Thomas of St. Thomas claimed his first career Lincoln win in his final year of racing in the 4-cylinder stock car feature. Thomas won the first heat and drew a zero pill for the inversion, placing him on the pole for the event.

He led every lap, crossing 2.5 seconds ahead of Frankie Gordon, with Chris Anderson, Gary Newell, and Jeremy Ott finishing third through fifth.

Heats for the 24 4-Cylinder Stocks were won by Thomas, Shane Sixeas, and Ott.

Lincoln swings back into action with a special mid-week show on Wednesday, June 4th, featuring the second stop on USAC’s annual Eastern Storm swing. The wingless sprint cars will be joined by the URC 360-358 Super Series, the first time the two oldest sprint car sanctioning bodies will ever appear on the same track on the same night. Pit gates open at 5:00 p.m., with general admission gates opening at 5:30 p.m. and USAC time trials getting underway at 7:30 p.m.

Then on Saturday, June 7th, Lincoln will host the Annual Daryl Gohn/Glenn Gohn, Sr. Memorial for the 410 sprint cars. They will be joined by the 358 sprint cars, which will also make up their feature event from May 24th, and the All-American Outlaws. Time trials for that show will begin at 7:30 p.m., with gates opening at 5:30 p.m.

To get all the latest news, results, schedule changes and rule changes, visit Lincoln Speedway’s website at or join them on Facebook ( or Twitter (@lincolnspeedway) to stay up-to-date on all the action or pending weather conditions at Central Pennsylvania’s “Premier” Saturday night race track – The Fabulous Lincoln Speedway.

Saturday, May 31, 2014


Abbottstown, PA



HILLY RIFE MEMORIAL 5/24 Make-up Feature (30 Laps) – 1. 21-Brian Montieth ($5,000); 2. 35-Steve Owings; 3. 2-Ryan Bohlke; 4. 16-Gerard McIntyre, Jr.; 5. 48-Danny Dietrich; 6. 59-Jim Siegel; 7. 15-Adam Wilt; 8. 51-Freddie Rahmer; 9. 87-Alan Krimes; 10. 69G-Tim Glatfelter; 11. 99M-Kyle Moody; 12. 69H-Shane Hoff; 13. 11C-Cory Haas; 14. 55K-Robbie Kendall; 15. 52-Austin Hogue; 16. 92-Tyler Ross; 17. 88-Brandon Rahmer; 18. 56-Tim Wagaman; 19. 2W-Glenndon Forsythe; 20. 45-Kevin Nagy (DNF); 21. 21T-Scott Fisher (DNF); 22. 22T-Matt Boland (DNF); 23. 8-Billy Dietrich (DNF); 24. 4-John Rudisill (DNF). No Time

Lap Leaders – Ryan Bohlke (1-16), Brian Montieth (17-30)

Regular Feature (25 Laps) – 1. 52-Austin Hogue ($3,200); 2. 48-Danny Dietrich; 3. 92-Tyler Ross; 4. 55K-Robbie Kendall; 5. 21-Brian Montieth; 6. 15-Adam Wilt; 7. 29-Ryan Wilson; 8. 16-Gerard McIntyre, Jr.; 9. 2-Ryan Bohlke; 10. 51-Freddie Rahmer; 11. 75-Nicole Bower; 12. 11C-Cory Haas; 13. 87-Alan Krimes; 14. 45-Kevin Nagy; 15. 99M-Kyle Moody; 16. 59-Jim Siegel; 17. 19M-Brent Marks; 18. 2W-Glenndon Forsythe; 19. 69G-Tim Glatfelter; 20. 6K-Chris Knopp; 21. 14-Lance Dewease; 22. 8-Billy Dietrich; 23. 25-Aaron Ott (DNF); 24. 35-Steve Owings (DNF). No Time

Lap Leaders – Ryan Wilson (1-12), Austin Hogue (13-25)

1st Heat (10 Laps/5 to qualify) – 1. 55K-Robbie Kendall; 2. 75-Nicole Bower; 3. 15-Adam Wilt; 4. 2-Ryan Bohlke; 5. 11C-Cory Haas; 6. 14-Lance Dewease; 7. 21T-Scott Fisher; 8. 56-Tim Wagaman; 9. 88-Brandon Rahmer. Time – 2:36.81

2nd Heat (10 Laps/5 to qualify) – 1. 52-Austin Hogue; 2. 25-Aaron Ott; 3. 21-Brian Montieth; 4. 87-Alan Krimes; 5. 2W-Glenndon Forsythe; 6. 59-Jim Siegel; 7. 69H-Shane Hoff; 8. 91-David Quackenbush; DQ’d-19M-Brent Marks (Failed to report to scales). No Time

3rd Heat (10 Laps/5 to qualify) – 1. 16-Gerard McIntyre, Jr.; 2. 48-Danny Dietrich; 3. 35-Steve Owings; 4. 45-Kevin Nagy; 5. 99M-Kyle Moody; 6. 22T-Matt Boland; 7. 49H-Bradley Howard; 8. 2T-Mike Thomas. No Time

4th Heat (10 Laps/5 to qualify) – 1. 51-Freddie Rahmer; 2. 92-Tyler Ross; 3. 29-Ryan Wilson; 4. 6K-Chris Knopp; 5. 69G-Tim Glatfelter; 6. 8-Billy Dietrich; 7. 49-Bob Howard (DNF); DNS – 4-John Rudisill. No Time

Consolation (10 Laps/6 to qualify) – 1. 59-Jim Siegel; 2. 14-Lance Dewease; 3. 8-Billy Dietrich; 4. 19M-Brent Marks; 5. 22T-Matt Boland; 6. 56-Tim Wagaman; 7. 88-Brandon Rahmer; 8. 69-Shane Hoff; 9. 49-Bob Howard; 10. 49H-Bradley Howard; 11. 2T-Mike Thomas; 12. 21T-Scott Fisher (DNF); 13. 91-David Quackenbush (DNF); DNS – 4-John Rudisill. No Time


Feature (20 Laps) – 1. 45-Jeff Rohrbaugh; 2. 66-Dale Hammaker; 3. 91-Niki Young; 4. 119-Chandler Leiby; 5. 2D-Chase Dietz; 6. 29-Chris Arnold; 7. 66A-Cody Fletcher; 8. 16-Matt Campbell; 9. 35-Tyler Esh; 10. 90-Jordon Givler; 11. 28-Matt Findley; 12. 5A-Brian Allman; 13. 27-Jay Galloway; 14. 3W-Duane Watson; 15. 47-Michael Hamer; 16. 38D-Kyle Denmyer; 17. 89-Ashley Cappetta; 18. 01-Rick Horn (DNF); 19. 45H-Jeff Halligan (DNF); 20. 21-CJ Tracey (DNF); 21. 19-Troy Wagaman, Jr. (DNF); 22. 38-Mark Strickler (DNF); 23. 11-Leah Starner (DNF); 24. 97-Brie Hershey (DNF). No Time

Lap Leaders – Jeff Rohrbaugh (1-20)

1st Heat (10 Laps/6 to qualify) – 1. 16-Matt Campbell; 2. 35-Tyler Esh; 3. 66-Doug Hammaker; 4. 38-Mark Strickler; 5. 5A-Brian Allman; 6. 19-Troy Wagaman; 7. 38D-Kyle Denmyer; 8. 00-Chris Frank; 9. 10-Zach Eucalano (DNF); 10. 01-Rick Horn (DNF). No Time

2nd Heat (10 Laps/6 to qualify) – 1. 90-Jordon Givler; 2. 29-Chris Arnold; 3. 27-Jay Galloway; 4. 66A-Cody Fletcher; 5. 97-Brie Hershey; 6. 3W-Duane Watson; 7. 89-Ashley Cappetta; 8. 47-Michael Hamer; 9. 6S-Bill Sherman (DNF); 10. 9R-Brent Rumberger (DNF). No Time

3rd Heat (10 Laps/6 to qualify) – 1. 91-Niki Young; 2. 119-Chandler Leiby; 3. 45-Jeff Rohrbaugh; 4. 2D-Chase Dietz; 5. 28-Matt Findley; 6. 45H-Jeff Halligan; 7. 11-Leah Starner; 8. 21-CJ Tracey; 9. 90-Tyler Templin. No Time

Consolation (10 Laps/6 to qualify) – 1. 89-Ashley Cappetta; 2. 47-Michael Hamer; 3. 11-Leah Starner; 4. 01-Rick Horn; 5. 38D-Kyle Denmyer; 6. 21-CJ Tracey; 7. 00-Chris Frank; 8. 6S-Bill Sherman; 9. 9R-Brent Rumberger (DNF); 10. 90-Tyler Templin (DNF); DNS – 10-Zach Eucalano. No Time

4-Cylinder Stock Cars:

Feature (20 Laps) – 1. 3C-Kevin Thomas; 2. 92-Frankie Gordon; 3. 2-Chris Anderson; 4. 0-Gary Newell; 5. 10-Jeremy Ott; 6. 12-Eric Hollenbach; 7. M1-Mike Potts; 8. 84-Leroy Long; 9. 88-Dan Smith; 10. 5-Cory Washinger; 11. 7J-Jerry Hongland; 12. 32-Dennis Christ; 13. 99-Josh Group; 14. 6-Shane Sixcas (DNF); 15. 21-Jason Stoner (DNF); 16. 82-Ronnie Buck (DNF); 17. 02-Tyler Horst (DNF); 18. 11S-John Stoll, Jr. (DNF); 19. 59-Gary Dehart (DNF); 20. 46-Jason Laman (DNF); 21. 30-Rick Newcombes (DNF); DNS – 00-Larry Duval, 12K-Brandon Lowe, 13-Kurt Knepper. No Time

Lap Leaders – Kevin Thomas (1-20)

1st Heat (6 Laps) – 1. 3C-Kevin Thomas; 2. M1-Mike Potts; 3. 02-Tyler Horst; 4. 12-Eric Hollenbach; 5. 5-Cory Washinger; 6. 00-Larry Duval; 7. 12K-Brandon Lowe; 8. 13-Kurt Knepper. No Time

2nd Heat (6 Laps) – 1. 6-Shane Sixeas; 2. 11S-John Stoll, Jr.; 3. 2-Chris Anderson; 4. 99-Josh Gruup; 5. 84-Leroy Long; 6. 7J-Jerry Hongland; 7. 30-Rich Newcombes; 8. 88-Dan Smith. Time – 2:00.22

3rd Heat (6 Laps) – 1. 10-Jeremy Ott; 2. 92-Frankie Gordon; 3. 0-Gary Newell; 4. 59-Gary DeHart; 5. 82-Ronnie Buck; 6. 46-Jason Laman; 7. 21-Jason Stoner; 8. 32-Dennis Christ. No Time