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 By Dick Jordan

            USAC’s Honda Western Midget series returns to Petaluma (Calif.) Speedway Saturday night and drivers Trey Marcham and Jarid Blondel will be out to hang on to their respective point leads.

            Marcham has a tenuous 17-point lead over defending Honda USAC Western Midget Dirt Champ Ronnie Gardner, while Blondel’s overall Western Midget lead stands at 32 points over Marcham.usac United States Auto Club 2012 logo

            Gardner scored victories in both 2012 races at Petaluma, so the point leaders’ work will be cut out for them Saturday.

2014 Honda USAC Western Midget Dirt Standings: 1-Trey Marcham-323, 2-Ronnie Gardner-306, 3-Jarid Blondel-192, 4-Shannon McQueen-187, 5-Chris Ennis-167, 6-Alex Schutte-157, 7-Scott Pierovich-154, 8-Ricky Shelton-147, 9-Tyler Dolacki-127, 10-Sean Dodenhoff-109.

2014 Honda USAC Western Midget Standings: 1-Jarid Blondel-355, 2-Trey Marcham-323, 3-Ronnie Gardner-306, 4-Chad Nichols-288, 5-Alex Schutte-210, 6-Scott Pierovich-193, 7-Shannon McQueen-187, 8-Chris Ennis-167, 9-Nick Chivello-164, 10-Ricky Shelton-147.