USAC HPD Midget Car Series Tease

USAC HPD Midget Car Series LogoFrom Dick Jordan

This Saturday night’s USAC HPD Midwest Pavement Midget race at the Indianapolis Speedrome will offer “double” points, as will the series finale September 13 at Columbus (Ohio) Motor Speedway. That could shake up the standings as the season winds down, although series point leader Austin Nemire has spurted out to a comfortable 217-point lead over runner-up Adam Thomason.

Saturday’s Speedrome race will mark the 495th feature event at the track which holds the all-time record in that regard. North Carolina driver Scott Hunter won the USAC HPD Midget race there in May.

Las Vegas (Calif.) Motor Speedway’s Bullring will host USAC HPD Western Pavement Midget races Saturday and Sunday. Dustin Ash and lady driver Christine Breckenridge have each posted a pair of USAC HPD wins at the LVMS oval so far this year. Shawn Buckley enters the LVMS events leading both the Western Pavement and overall standings.

Sean Watts of Atwater, Calif. won Friday night’s 25-lap USAC Western HPD Midget race at Plaza Park Raceway in Visalia, Calif. It was his first series start! He passed Courtney Crone on lap eight and led the final 18 laps to beat Ashley Hazelton, Crone, Shawn Buckley and Jessop. Watts also had the fastest qualifying time and won the heat race. Saturday night’s race at Lemoore, Calif. was cancelled.

Chris Lamb of Colfax, N.C. followed Friday’s USAC Eastern HPD Midget “special event” victory at Raleigh, N.C. with Saturday’s 30-lap “special event” victory at Orange County Speedway in Rougemont, N.C. Lamb passed Calvin Carroll on lap two and led all but the first lap to beat Blaine Leydig, Scott Hunter, Calvin Carroll and Nolan Allison.

Lamb’s Friday “special event” 30-lap victory came at Wake County Speedway in Raleigh. Leydig finished second ahead of Allison, Tyler Corriher and Nikki Carroll. Lamb led all 30 laps for the victory.

2014 HPD USAC Midwest Pavement Midget Standings: 1-Austin Nemire-570, 2-Adam Thomason-353, 3-Calvin Carroll-300, 4-Steve Myers-295, 5-Nikki Carroll-273, 6-Jacob Stickle-221, 7-Jack Cross-208, 8-Blaine Leydig-131, 9-Tate Martz-128, 10-Wil Raber-121.

2014 HPD USAC Western Dirt Midget Standings: 1-Ashley Hazelton-254, 2-Cory Elliott-219, 3-Marvin Mitchell-169, 4-Wally Pankratz-135, 5-Cody Jessop-112, 6-Shawn Buckley-111, 7-Sean Watts-74, 8-Randi Pankratz-69, 9-Courtney Crone-64, 10-Davey Marcotte-60.

2014 HPD USAC Western Midget Standings: 1-Shawn Buckley-8843, 2-Toni Breidinger-533, 3-Cody Jessop-505, 4-Ashley Hazelton-491, 5-Joey Rayborne-444, 6-Annie Breidinger-442, 7-Dylan Nobile-427, 8-Christine Breckenridge-426, 9-Tom Patterson-339, 10-Jeff Kelley-259.

2014 HPD USAC Western Pavement Standings: 1-Shawn Buckley-732, 2-Toni Breidinger-533, 3-Joel Rayborne-444, 4-Annie Breidinger-442, 5-Dylan Nobile-427, 6-Christine Breckenridge-426, 7-Cody Jessop-393, 8-Tom Patterson-339, 9-Jeff Kelley-259, 10-Ashley Hazelton-237.