2014 Knoxville Championship Cup Series Banquet Crowns Champions

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Knoxville, IA — (November 15, 2014) — The Knoxville Raceway banquet was held on Saturday, November 15 at the Prairie Meadows Racetrack and Casino in Altoona, Iowa. Assorted cash and contingencies totaling over $250,000 for owners and drivers capped off an entertaining evening.

A total of eight chassis giveaways highlighted a contingency package which every driver in the points benefited (see prize list with winners below). In addition, the Knoxville Raceway Charitable Organization (KRCO) again provided insurance covering all Knoxville drivers for 2014 anywhere they may race. In addition, the Race Director, John McCoy announced the KRCO will provide driveline restraints for all drivers for 2015.

After dinner, General Manager/Promoter, Brian Stickel, opened the Awards program up with a few remarks concerning the success at Knoxville Raceway in 2014 and the upcoming development plans.

Drivers and owners outside of the top five in each of the three respective classes received their accolades.

The “Jr. Fan Club Drivers of the Year” were announced. Brian Brown (410), Joe Beaver (360) and McKenna Haase (305) won in each class. Young fan, Maddox Jones was honored as the “Jr. Fan Club Member of the Year”.

Brian Stickel presented the “Fan of the Year Award” to long-time Knoxville Raceway supporter Glen Metzger.

Race Director, John McCoy, presented “Owner of the Year” Awards to the Kinder Racing #88 (305), the Beaver Motorsports #53 (360) and the TMAC Motorsports #24 (410). “Team of the Year” Awards went to the Hetrick Motorsports #35 (305), the BDS Motorsports #1 (360) and the Nehring #18 (410).

Bob Baker, the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame & Museum Executive Director, presented the “Heritage Award” to longtime sprint car contributor, Bob Colbert.

The “Lyle Boyd Hard Charger Award” awards the drivers who passed the most cars in A main events this season. Stacey Alexander received the award in the 305 class, with Mike Houseman Jr. (360), and Davey Heskin (410) receiving the award in their respective classes.

The Sonner Racing #47 team was named the “Sportsman of the Year” in the 410 class, while Bryan Sundby and the BDS Motorsports #1 team picked up the honor in the 360 class. The L&J Enterprise #5J team won the award in the 305 class based on their donation of a motor to Kinder on Season Championship night. Kevin Hetrick (305), Dylan Peterson (360), and RJ Johnson (410) were named “Rookie of the Year” in their respective classes.

The big hardware went out last to the top five drivers and owners in the point standings. In the 305 class, Stacey Alexander (5th), Matthew Stelzer (4th), Kevin Hetrick (3rd), Steve Breazeale (2nd) and J Kinder (champion) were honored in the driver category, while the Shelton Painting #71c (5th), the Stelzer #99 (4th), the Hetrick Motorsports #35 (3rd), the Vrban #57 (2nd), and the Kinder Racing #88 (champion) received their owner awards.

In the 360 class, Nate Van Haaften (5th), Russ Hall (4th), Jamie Ball (3rd), Jon Agan (2nd) and Joe Beaver (champion) were honored in the driver category, while the Skillz Motorsports #29 (5th), the L&J Enterprise #5J (4th), the Agan Motorsports #4 (3rd), the Beaver Motorsports #53 (2nd), and the BDS Motorsports #1 (champion) received owner awards.

In the 410 class, Davey Heskin (5th), Brian Brown (4th), Justin Henderson (3rd), Terry McCarl (2nd) and Ian Madsen (champion) were drivers honored, while owner awards went to the Maxwell #56 (5th), the Brian Brown Racing #21 (4th), the BDS Motorsports #1 (3rd), the TMAC Motorsports #24 (2nd) and the Nehring #18 (champion).

Contingencies were handed out as a finale, and for the fourth year in a row, were done by draw in front of the banquet crowd of around 600. Chassis winners included Mike Mayberry (GF1) in the 305 class, Mastell Motorsports #27 (Eagle) and Mike Houseman Jr. (J&J) in the 360 class, and BDS Motorsports #1 (Eagle), Larry Ball Jr. (Maxim), Tasker Phillips (Maxim), Josh Schneiderman (J&J) and Lynton Jeffrey (GF1) in the 410 class.

Contingency Winners in addition to Chassis by Draw (presented to owners)…

Butlerbuilt Seat-FSR Radiator – 305: Matthew Stelzer
Butlerbuilt Seat-Gear bag – 305: Kade Higday
Vortex Wing-Winters Front End Kit – 305: Chris Walraven

Vortex Wing – Headers – 305: Kustom Racing Team #1K

Vortex Wing – 305: J Kinder, Tanner Edwards, Steve Palmer, Jeff Wilke, Corey Kautz, Steve Breazeale, Lee Patterson, Stacey Alexander, Keoni Texeira, Kevin Hetrick, 360: Sawyer Phillips

HRP Wings – 305: Bob Hildreth, McKenna Haase, 360: VanderEcken #10V, Jamie Ball, Mike Van Haaften

Bell Helmet – 305: Mitchell Alexander

Winters Rear-end – 305: Philben Motorsports, 360: CJ Houseman, 410: Dakota Hendrickson, Mike Moore, Bronson Maeschen, VanderEcken #10

305 Headers/Vortex Wings – 305: Philben Motorsports

FSR Radiator/10 pit passes – 305: Christopher Scank

Kinsler Fuel Pump/Right Rear Tire – 360: Tom Lenz

FSR Radiator/Waterman Fuel Pump – 360: BDS Motorsports #1

Butlerbuilt Seat – 360: Russ Hall, 410: Dusty Zomer

Winters Front End Kit/Speedway Radiator – 360: Nate Van Haaften

Headers/VSC Shock Set – 360: Jon Agan

Vortex Wing/Right Rear Tire – 360: Dylan Peterson

Vortex Wings/Gear Bag – 360: Sebastian #14s

BMRS Complete Carbon Line Kit – 360: Joe Beaver, 410: Ian Madsen

Winters Front End Kit – 360: Goodno Promotion #22, 410: Davey Heskin, Sonner #47

360 Headers/Vortex Wing – 360: Matt Moro

Gear Bag/10 pit passes – 360: Matt Juhl

All Pro Heads – 410: Glen Saville

VSC Shock Set/Winters Front End – 410: Chris Martin

Kinsler Fuel Pump Kit – 410: Clint Garner

Hinchman Uniform – 410: AJ Moeller

Waterman Pump/Vortex Wing – 410: Williams #7K

KSE / 10 pit passes: Lunstra/Dobmeier #13, Big Game Treestands #7