Dale Blaney wins Rumble in the Hills

Chillicothe, OH — (April 11, 2015) — Dale Blaney won the Miller/Coors Rumble in the Hills sprint car event Saturday night at Atomic Speedway with the Ohio Valley Sprint Car Association.

Blaney ran down early leader Brandon Wimmer, swapping the lead back and fourth before taking the lead with two laps to go. Cole Duncan got by Wimmer for the second spot with Wimmer holding down the final podium position.

Fast Time: D.J. Foos – 13.215 (4 Car Inversion Draw)

Heat One: Brandon Wimmer, DJ Foos, Ryan Broughton, Beau Stewart, Dave Dickson, Ryan Myers, George Hawkins, Eddie Slone, Caleb Helms

Heat Two: Kory Crabtree, Cole Duncan, Nathan Skaggs, Jimmy Stinson, Kody Kinser, Caleb Armstrong, Mark Coleman, Nick Roberts, Jim Nier

Heat Three: Randy Hannagan, Greg Wilson, Dale Blaney, Todd Kane, Dave Smith, Brian Benson, Randy Fink, Brian Nuckles, Mark Imler

Heat Four: Danny Holtgraver, Chad Kemenah, Josh Davis, Danny Smith, Brandy Bower, Nate Reeser, RJ Perkins, Jesse McCreary

B-Main: Caleb Armstrong, Ryan Myers, Brian Benson, Eddie Slone, George Hawkins, Caleb Helms, RJ Perkins, Nate Reeser, Briand Nuckles, Randy Fink, Nick Roberts, Jesse McCreary, Mark Imler, Mark Coleman

Feature: Dale Blaney, Cole Duncan, Brandon Wimmer, Nathan Skaggs, Randy Hannagan, Greg Wilson, DJ Foos, Jimmy Stinson, Kory Crabtree, Chad Kemenah, Josh Davis, Todd Kane, Danny Holtgraver, Caleb Armstrong, Brandy Bower, Danny Smith, Ryan Myers, Ryan Broughton, Kody Kinser, Dave Smith, Dave Dickson, Brian Benson, Eddie Slone, Beau Stewart