Shebester shines in POWRi West season finale

POWRi 2011
POWRi 2011

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Tulsa, OK — (November 8, 2015) — 34 drivers made the call on a cold Saturday for the final points race of the 2015 season for the Lucas Oil POWRi West Midget Series presented by Total Comm and Boss Chassis. Despite the cooler temps fans still flocked to Boyd Raceway and they were treated to a solid night of action packed racing.

Four eight lap heat races would be won by Grady Chandler, Dustin Morgan, Tyson Hall, & Kyle Jones with 2 B- Features would be won by Zane Lawrence and Ty Hulsey.

The season finale 25 lap A feature presented by Total Comm would be brought to green by Steven Shebester and Kyle Jones. Shebester would get the jump and lead early, while Jones would battle for position with Kevin Ramey, and Anton Hernandez. Side by side and even 3 wide racing at points as the field was flying around the proclaimed bullring of Texas, Boyd Raceway. Tony Rossi, and Daniel Robinson would start challenging a spot in the top five as cautions would fly and Shebesters lead would be cut.

Single file restart would see a hard charging Zane Lawrence and Ty Hulsey breaking into the top 10, as out front Shebester would have his hands full with Hernandez and Ramey. Hernandez would work the high side as Shebester and Ramey would steady run the bottom of the raceway. Shebester would be able to pull a couple car lengths as Ramey and Hernandez would battle wheel to wheel in the closing laps. As the laps would tick away the racing would get better as Jones, Dustin Morgan, and Grady Chandler would race for Top 5 positions.

Shebester would go on to win his career first Lucas Oil POWRi West A-Feature, followed to the line by Kevin Ramey, and Dustin Morgan.

When asked about his night Shebester replied, “This whole midget deal turned out great, ran second from last in our heat made us high point guy, in the feature we had some guys challenging us but we were able to bring home a victory. Can’t thank MelMark Pipe and Supply and all our sponsors enough.”

Total Comm 25 lap A-Feature: 1) 35z – Steven Shebester 2)7M – Kevin Ramey 3) 93 – Dustin Morgan 4)52 – Anton Hernandez 5) 04 – Kyle Jones 6) 59- Grady Chandler 7) 21- Ty Hulsey 8) 76 – Zane Lawrence 9) 37- Daniel Robinson 10) 44 – Wesley Smith 11) 17E – Blake Edwards 12) 5x – Tyson Hall 13) 4x- Shawn Petersen 14) 21X – Michelle Melton 15) 11AG – Brandon Gray 16) 51- Joey Starnes 17) 14 Tony Rossi 18) 27K – Kyle Keeler 19) 14B – Riley Adair 20)69X – Chad Wilson