Ross Rankine Wins Northwest Focus Midget Series Feature At Skagit

Skagit Speedway 2015 Top Story Logo
By Ben Deatherage
(Photo Courtesy of Lisa Dynes Photography)
Alger, Washington- After Friday night’s rain out at Deming Speedway the Northwest Focus Midget Series would make their way to Skagit Speedway on Saturday, May 6th. In their first visit of 2017 at the historic venue around thirty entries would be in attendance for competition.
Ross Rankine would make the long journey from Noblesville, Indiana to make his Skagit debut for car owners Carla and Gaylon Stewart. Rankine would be in the beautiful Fred Brownfield tribute car honoring the late legendary Pacific Northwest racer/promoter. At the drop of the checkered flag Ross would best the entire field to record the victory.
Tristin Thomas, out of Burlington, would be the runner-up over Lynwood’s Shane Smith, in third. The balance of the top five would consist of fourth finishing Garrett Thomas, from McCleary, and Granite Falls pilot Nick Evans, in fifth.
Heat race winners were Snohomish’s Cody Ridge, Nik Larson, of Graham, and Chance Crum who is also out of Snohomish. Alger driver Ryan Cully was victorious in the evening’s B Main.
“We had a great night at Skagit and the weather and track surface was great,” commented Carla Stewart, co-owner of the Northwest Focus Midget Series, “the win was in the brand new Fred Brownfield #92 car that Gaylon put together driven by our guest driver from Indiana, Ross Rankine. It was the first time that the car had even hit the track.”
The Northwest Focus Midget Series next heads to Grays Harbor Raceway on Saturday, May 20th. This coming Saturday the series will have some drivers and cars on hand for a car show/meet and greet at Jerry Smith Chevrolet in Anacortes starting around 10:00 AM. In other news Eric Turner will be the newest pilot of the Northwest Focus Midget Series Sportsman Sprint at Skagit Speedway this Saturday.
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Race Results:
Saturday, May 6th, 2017
Skagit Speedway
Alger, Washington
Golden Wheels Heat One: 1. 69-Cody Ridge; 2. 92-Ross Rankine; 3. 31-Shane Biles; 4. 2J-Jonathan Jorgenson; 5. 82-Greg Thornhill; 6. 21-Todd Hartman; 7. 41-Ashley Thompson; 8. 17-Chris Bullock; 9. 11T-Ray Stebbins; 10. 67-Dave Mead
PCI Powder Coating Inc. Heat Two: 1. 16-Nik Larson; 2. 9T-Tristin Thomas; 3. 24-Nick Evans; 4. 44-Shane Smith; 5. 14-Garrett Thomas; 6. N8-Nate Vaughn; 7. 21J-Ryan Cully; 8. 14D-Doug Davison; 9. 2A-Renee Angel; 10. 57A-Biran Aune
Central Welding Supply Heat Three: 1. 83C-Chance Crum; 2. 3H-Hannah Lindquist; 3. 29T-Eric Turner; 4. 9S-Sawyer Lind; 5. 25-Michael Hodel; 6. 8X-Otto Jorgenson; 7. 3-Wade Spreckelmeyer; 8. 57-Hailey Bower; 9. 39-Dave Mills
B-Feature: 1. 21J-Ryan Cully; 2. 3-Wade Spreckelmeyer; 3. 2A-Renee Angel; 4. 19-Thomas Walker; 5. 14D-Doug Davison; 6. 11T-Ray Stebbins; 7. 39-Dave Mills; 8. 57-Hailey Bower; 9. 67-Dave Mead; 10. 17-Chris Bullock; 11. 41-Ashley Thompson
A-Feature: 1. 92-Ross Rankine; 2. 9T-Tristin Thomas; 3. 44-Shane Smith; 4. 14-Garrett Thomas; 5. 24-Nick Evans; 6. 83C-Chance Crum; 7. 3H-Hannah Lindquist; 8. 9S-Sawyer Lind; 9. 14D-Doug Davidson; 10. N8-Nate Vaughn; 11. 2J-Jonathan Jorgenson; 12. 21-Todd Hartman; 13. 82-Greg Thornhill; 14. 19-Thomas Walker; 15. 21J-Ryan Cully; 16. 25-Michael Hodel; 17. 3-Wade Spreckelmeyer; 18. 2A-Renee Angel; 19. 8X-Otto Jorgenson; 20. 29T-Eric Turner; 21. 16-Nik Larson; 22. 31-Shane Biles
Contingency Awards:
Triple X Race Components True Grit Award- Hailey Bower
Speedmart Inc. Hard Charger Award- Doug Davidson
RBN RacinBoys Broadcast Network Leader of the Pack Award- Ross Rankine
BR Motorsports Sportsman Award- Otto Jorgenson
Highline Performance Move of the Night Award- Hannah Lindquist
Elma Auto Racing Hall of Fame Fast Time Award- Tristin Thomas
Alger Bar & Grille High Pill Award- Dave Mead
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