Darland Takes “Indiana Double” at Kokomo

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Dave Darland won the one day delayed “Indiana Double” at Kokomo Speedway Sunday evening. Following Darland was Tyler Courtney, Justin Grant, Jarrett Andretti and Robert Ballou.


Sprints – A Feature 1 (Results): 1-Darland.D 2-Courtney.T 3-Grant.J 4-Andretti.J 5-Ballou.R 6-Windom.C 7-McGhee.M 8-Cottle.S 9-Boespflug.C 10-DiMattia.T 11-Chapple.I 12-Cottle.C 13-Hery.T 14-Spencer.J 15-Leary.C 16-Thomas Jr.K 17-Stanbrough.J 18-Hewitt.T 19-Sussex.S 20-Creech.