Bryan Warf Conquers NSRA Winged Sprintcars at Diamond Cup Finale

2015 Meridian Speedway Top Story

By Ben Deatherage

Bryan Warf

Meridian, Idaho- The Royal Purple NSRA Winged Sprintcars would participate in night two of the Bob FM Diamond Cup, presented by Star Diamonds, on Saturday, June 3rd, at Meridian Speedway.  Another packed house was on hand to catch some exciting short track racing.  Twenty-three cars would be on hand representing the states of Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Utah, and California as well as the Canadian province of British Columbia.

Meridian’s Trevor Miran would be the leader of the first lap in the feature.  Driving for car owners Ron & Gord Rendle, Miran would get passed on lap six shortly after a restart.  The driver to take over the point was Chowchilla, California native Eric Humphries, in the Carl Mott and Dennis Bolding owned machine.

Humphries set a wicked pace once a good green flag run developed.  However, some fast competition began to give chase to Eric especially as heavy lapped traffic approached.  On lap twenty-three Bryan Warf, driving for car owner Pat Russell, would nab Humphries at the line to officially lead the lap.

From there Warf would set sail the rest of the way to create an extremely large interval over second place.  A lap thirty-six caution would bunch the entire field up setting up a fourteen-lap shootout to the end.  On the ensuing start Bryan would pull away from the field and cross the finish line in first.

It would mark the first time in 2017 that Bryan Warf would win against the Royal Purple NSRA Winged Sprintcars.  Also, once all the points were tallied Warf would be declared the overall champion of the Diamond Cup.  It would be his second career Diamond Cup and his first since 2013.

Johnny Giezler, also from Meridian and driving for Spiers Jackson Racing, was a respectable second followed by Eric Humphries, in third.  The rest of the top five finishing order would consist of Nampa’s Cory Lockwood, driving for Stanton Family Racing, and Winston. Oregon teenager Kyle Alberding, piloting the Art Holte owned mount, in fourth and fifth respectively.

Fast time of the night would be Kyle Alberding while Bryan Warf got the job done in the trophy dash.  Heat race winners were Taylorsville, Utah youngster Kyle Bergener, Eric Humphries, and Trevor Miran.

The Royal Purple NSRA Winged Sprintcars return to racing on Saturday, July 29th at Monroe, Washington’s Evergreen Speedway for the Rory Price Memorial.  It will the one and only visit to the Evergreen State and is expected to draw an incredible car count from all over the Pacific Northwest.

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Race Results:
Bob FM Diamond Cup presented by Star Diamonds Night# 2
Royal Purple NSRA Winged Sprintcars Race #3
Saturday, June 3rd, 2017
Meridian Speedway
Meridian, Idaho

A Feature: 1. 91-Bryan Warf, ; 2. 25J-Johnny Giesler, ; 3. 15-Eric Humphries, ; 4. 71-Cory Lockwood, ; 5. 33-Kyle Alberding, ; 6. 7D-Randy Dubois, ; 7. 76-Andy Alberding, ; 8. 32-Mitch Holte, ; 9. 8-Tristen Spiers, ; 10. 3-Robert Beck, ; 11. 14-Trevor Miran, ; 12. 41-Aaron Willison, ; 13. 28-Colton Nelson, ; 14. 68-Mike Anderson, ; 15. 77-Matt Elliott, ; 16. 12-Ron Larson, ; 17. 1-Tony Thomas, ; 18. 7V-Thomas Harrod, ; 19. 98-Ken Hamilton, ; 20. 43-Kyle Bergener, ; 21. 27-Alan Maclean, ; 22. 26-Justin Segura, ; 23. 12M-Aaron McPeak,

Dash: 1. 25J-Johnny Giesler, ; 2. 3-Robert Beck, ; 3. 76-Andy Alberding, ; 4. 33-Kyle Alberding,

Heat 1: 1. 43-Kyle Bergener, ; 2. 71-Cory Lockwood, ; 3. 98-Ken Hamilton, ; 4. 3-Robert Beck, ; 5. 12-Ron Larson, ; 6. 77-Matt Elliott, ; 7. 12M-Aaron McPeak,

Heat 2: 1. 15-Eric Humphries, ; 2. 32-Mitch Holte, ; 3. 91-Bryan Warf, ; 4. 28-Colton Nelson, ; 5. 8-Tristen Spiers, ; 6. 76-Andy Alberding, ; 7. 7V-Thomas Harrod, ; 8. 26-Justin Segura,

Heat 3: 1. 14-Trevor Miran, ; 2. 25J-Johnny Giesler, ; 3. 68-Mike Anderson, ; 4. 7D-Randy Dubois, ; 5. 41-Aaron Willison, ; 6. 33-Kyle Alberding, ; 7. 1-Tony Thomas, ; 8. 27-Alan Maclean,

Qualifying: 1. 33-Kyle Alberding, ; 2. 76-Andy Alberding, ; 3. 3-Robert Beck, ; 4. 25J-Johnny Giesler, ; 5. 91-Bryan Warf, ; 6. 12-Ron Larson, ; 7. 41-Aaron Willison, ; 8. 28-Colton Nelson, ; 9. 71-Cory Lockwood, ; 10. 7D-Randy Dubois, ; 11. 8-Tristen Spiers, ; 12. 77-Matt Elliott, ; 13. 1-Tony Thomas, ; 14. 32-Mitch Holte, ; 15. 43-Kyle Bergener, ; 16. 68-Mike Anderson, ; 17. 15-Eric Humphries, ; 18. 98-Ken Hamilton, ; 19. 14-Trevor Miran, ; 20. 7V-Thomas Harrod, ; 21. 12M-Aaron McPeak, ; 22. 27-Alan Maclean, ; (DNS) 26-Justin Segura,

Bob FM Diamond Cup presented by Star Diamonds Final Points (Top Ten)
1. 91-Bryan Warf 165; 2. 76-Andy Alberding 133; 3. 25J-Johnny Giesler 119; 4. 71-Cory Lockwood 110; 5. 33-Kyle Alberding 102; 6. 8-Tristen Spiers 88; 7. 3-Robert Beck 84; 8. 1-Tony Thomas 81; 9. 15-Eric Humphries 79; 10. 28-Colton Nelson 77