Pre-Entries for NCRA Sprint $13,000 Season Opener Now Accepted!

By David Smith Jr.
Park City, Kansas – March 1, 2019 – Officials with the National Championship Racing Association of Park City, Kansas and 81 Speedway have announced a special incentive for all sprint car drivers competing in the ninth annual “Park City Cup/Air Capital Shootout” at 81 Speedway on April 4-6, 2019.

Any driver who sends in their $100 entry fee between March 1st -April 1st will receive one (1) free drivers pit pass ($35 value). This will allow drivers to already have their entry fee taken care of, a free pit pass as well as allow officials to obtain your race team information for publicity purposes for this huge event.

Once again, this season opener for the NCRA 360-ci sprint car division will pay $13,000 to win with $600 going to those who make the Saturday night (April 6) championship feature. All “non-qualifiers” will receive $2000 Friday night’s feature finale will pay $1500 with finishing positions having no bearing on Saturday night’s program.

NCRA or ASCS rules do apply and drivers MUST compete Friday night to be eligible for full Saturday night payout.

The Kansas-based-United Rebel Sprint Series 305-ci sprint series will be on hand during Friday night’s portion to kick off their 2019 race season.

Below is the official payout for this year’s ninth annual “PCC/ACS” at 81 Speedway:

Friday night payout: A Feature: 1) $1500, 2) $1000, 3) $800, 4) $700, 5) $600, 6) $500, 7) $400, 8) $300, 9) $250, 10) $275, 11) $250, 12) $225, 13-20) $200

Saturday Night Championship Feature: 1) $13,000, 2) $7000, 3) $4000, 4) $2500, 5) $2000, 6) $1500, 7) $1300, 8) $1000, 9) $1000, 10) $1000, 11-14) $900, 15-18) $800, 19-20) $700, 21-22) $600

Non-Qualifiers: $200 per car

Transponder rental is $10 for the weekend.

Please mail your $100 check or money order to:


7700 N. Broadway

Park City, Kansas 67219

For official rules, 2019 NCRA Sprint Car schedule and more, check out the series official website and get daily updates on their official facebook page: NCRA Racing Series. Questions can be answered by calling (316) 755-1781.

Officials with the National Championship Racing Association would like to welcome their official partners for the 2019 race season: Hoosier Racing Tires, Sunoco Race Fuels, Park City Chamber of Commerce and Precise Racing Products. The series would also like to welcome the following sprint car contingency partners for this upcoming season: Saldana Racing Products, Ultra-Shield Racing Products, Competition Suspensions Inc. (C.S.I.).