Cisney Survives Wild Last Lap at Port Royal to Continue Strong Summer

Dylan Cisney. (Image courtesy of Inside Line Promotions).

Inside Line Promotions
PORT ROYAL, Pa. (July 16, 2019) – Dylan Cisney has been inching closer to hitting full stride this summer.

Cisney is fresh off his first career Pennsylvania Speedweek feature victory and first-ever triumph at Selinsgrove Speedway in Selinsgrove, Pa., on June 30. That led him to an eighth-place finish in the Speedweek standings during his first year of chasing the entire spectacle.

“I think we’re starting to be in good shape,” he said. “We still struggle at nights. You can see that through Speedweek where we’re good one night and bad the next. I’m pretty happy with where our Port Royal program is. We have room for improvement, but I think the last month or so we’ve got a lot of stuff figured out.”

That was evident last Saturday evening as Cisney rallied from sixth to third place in a heat race before charging from eighth to win the main event.

“We were good in hot laps and then we did what we needed to do to get to third in the heat race,” he said. “The points handicap put us starting eighth in the feature.

“It took right off on the start. It was good all race long. The biggest thing was we got a good start. The outside line really took off and I made a good move by splitting two guys in turns one and two. The first lap I was up to third and then up to second on the second lap. We had a restart somewhere close to halfway. I tried to dive under Jared (Esh) the first lap and couldn’t clear him. It was the second lap after the restart I dove under him and got past him in turns one and two.”

Cisney led the remainder of the race, but endured a wild final lap.

“I caught the cushion wrong there (in turns one and two),” he said. “I was trying to pace myself and not have to deal with traffic on the last lap. At that point in the race the cushion was right on the guard rail. So you were basically trying to hit the fence and not let the car get sucked in. I timed it wrong and slapped it with the right rear and it sucked the front around.

“On the last lap I didn’t want to waste any time lifting so I stayed in the throttle through turn two. I got it off the guardrail and the car was getting back up to speed. I also ran out of fuel pretty much so it was spitting and sputtering. When it was at that angle it ran away from the fuel pickup. The motor took back off. (Anthony Macri) passed me halfway down the backstretch and slid up to the cushion late in turns three and four. I entered on the top and as he was sliding up I turned off the cushion and turned underneath him. We were side by side out of turn four.

“It was hard racing is what I see it as. We both ended up in the same spot coming out of turn four. I didn’t want to give him any room, but at the last minute I tried to hold the car from sliding up and getting into him. I knew we were close. At the last minute our wheels barely touched and it hopped my right rear over his left front. I feel bad that it happened to him. He’s had a lot of bad luck like that that’s happened. Last lap, last corner, nobody is going to lift and sometimes the cars will get together like that.”

Cisney came out on top for his sixth career feature victory and third of the season, which is the most he’s ever earned in a single year.

Cisney plans on competing this Friday at Williams Grove Speedway in Mechanicsburg, Pa., before returning to Port Royal Speedway on Saturday. Cisney currently ranks 10th in the Williams Grove Speedway championship standings and second in the Port Royal Speedway standings.


July 13 – Port Royal Speedway in Port Royal, Pa. – Heat race: 3 (6); Feature: 1 (8).


Friday at Williams Grove Speedway in Mechanicsburg, Pa., and Saturday at Port Royal Speedway in Port Royal, Pa.






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“We are grateful to have Harvey Sipe Jr. and everyone at Valley Supply come on board,” Cisney said. “Valley Supply is a family run business and we’re a family team so it’s special to work together.”

Cisney would also like to thank Mike Cleck Paving and Sealcoating, X-1 Race Cars, HP Engines, Red Zone Sports Bar & Grille, Bruce’s Speed Shop, CPRS Physical Therapy, VRP Shocks, DMI/BullDog Rears, Wings Unlimited, TQ Fiberglass, Keizer Aluminum Wheels and KSE Racing Products for their continued support.