Kelly Miller Unstoppable With ASCS Frontier At Gillette Thunder Speedway

Kelly Miller ASCS photo

Bryan Hulbert
GILLETTE, Wy. (July 27, 2019) Making it back to back wins on the weekend, Canada’s Kelly Miller led start to finish with the Brodix ASCS Frontier Region at Gillette Thunder Speedway for his 10th overall win with the series.

Joining Joe Ramaker as the second driver to accrue double-digit wins with the Brodix ASCS Frontier Region, Miller kept pace on the start ahead of Jeremy McCune. Putting most of the field a lap behind, the No. 2jr was followed to the finish by Ned Powers and Jeremy McCune as the only other drivers on the lead lap. Damon McCune and Mindy McCune completed the top five.
Robert DeHaan was sixth with Bryan Gossel, Shad Petersen, Zach Merritt, and Austyn Gossel made up the top ten.
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Race Results:
ASCS Frontier Region
Gillette Thunder Speedway (Gillette, Wy.)
Saturday, July 27, 2019
Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. 2JR-Kelly Miller, [4]; 2. 6G-Bryan Gossel, [6]; 3. 0-Ned Powers, [5]; 4. 34-Trevor Plambeck, [2]; 5. 2-Shad Petersen, [3]; 6. 21-Blayne Brink, [7]; 7. 8X-Randy Dolberg, [1]
Heat 2 (8 Laps): 1. 0J-Jeremy McCune, [3]; 2. 33-Robert DeHaan, [2]; 3. 11-Mindy McCune, [5]; 4. 77-Damon McCune, [7]; 5. 74-Zack Merritt, [1]; 6. 56-Butch Capshaw, [6]; 7. 16JR-Austyn Gossel, [4]
A Feature (25 Laps): 1. 2JR-Kelly Miller, [2]; 2. 0-Ned Powers, [3]; 3. 0J-Jeremy McCune, [1]; 4. 77-Damon McCune, [5]; 5. 11-Mindy McCune, [7]; 6. 33-Robert DeHaan, [6]; 7. 6G-Bryan Gossel, [4]; 8. 2-Shad Petersen, [10]; 9. 74-Zack Merritt, [11]; 10. 16JR-Austyn Gossel, [13]; 11. 34-Trevor Plambeck, [8]; 12. 56-Butch Capshaw, [12]; 13. (DNF) 21-Blayne Brink, [9]; (DNS) 8X-Randy Dolberg,