Stockon Wins MSCS Feature at Bloomington

Chase Stockon. (Carey Akin photo)

BLOOMINGTON, IN (September 4, 2020) — Chase Stockon extended his point lead with the Midwest Sprint Car Series on Friday winning the feature event at Bloomington Speedway. Stockon from Fort Branch, Indiana, picked up a very timely first victory of the season over A.J. Hopkins and Dave Darland. Jordan Kinser and Jonathan Vennard rounded out the top five.

In the Indiana RaceSaver Sprint Car Series main event Cody Trammel picked up his first career victory with the series over Ryan Tusing and Jeff Wimmenauer.

Bloomington Speedway
Bloomington, Indiana
Friday September 4, 2020

Midwest Sprint Car Series

Schafer Oil Fastest Qualifier: Brandon Morin 11.711

SPEC Racing Engine Heat Race Winners: Chase Stockon, A.J. Hopkins, Jonathon Vennard, Dave Darland

1. Chase Stockon
2. A.J. Hopkins
3. Dave Darland
4. Jordan Kinser
5. Jonathan Vennard
6. Tye Mihocko
7. Kevin Thomas Jr.
8. Isaac Chapple
9. Dakota Jackson
10. Brandon Mattox
11. Dickie Gaines
12. Kyle Cummins
13. Brady Short
14. Brandon Fox
15. Kent Schmidt
16. Brandon Morin
17. Garrett Aitken
18. Aric Gentry
19. Donny Brackett
20. Sterling Cling
21. Andrew Prather

AFCO Racing Products B-Main: Dakota Jackson
Rod End Supply Podium Feature Event: Chase Stockon, A.J. Hopkins, Dave Darland
Keizer Aluminum Wheel Top Five Finisher of the Race: Jonathon Vennard
Wilwood Brakes Good “Brake” of the Race: Kevin Thomas Jr
Saldana Racing Products, Lucky 13th, Brady Short
Hinchman Top Finishing Rookie: N/A
Certified Rental Hard Charger Award: Brandon Mattox
Hoosier Speed Hard Luck of Race: Robert Brown

Indiana RaceSaver Sprint Car Series

1. 34T-Cody Trammell
2. 3C-Ryan Tusing
3. 15J-Jeff Wimmenauer
4. 5K-Kerry Kinser
5. 11-Scotty Bradley
6. 75-Andy Bradley
7. 23J-Jordan Welch
8. 60-John Wolfarth
9. 22H-Rod Henning
10. 17P-Austin Powell
11. 5A-Terry Arthur
12. 28K-Patrick Kren
13. 39-Justin Mathews
14. 5G-Gary Gipson
15. 29-Erik Spaulding
16. 67-Tyler Miller
17. 87-Nathan Franklin