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Clinton Boyles Wins at Circle City

Clinton Boyles used his time off from turning wrenches on the car driven by Hunter Schuerenberg to win the sprint car feature Thursday night at Circle City Raceway. […]

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Boyles, Meseraull, and Welch Win Kokomo Klash Features

Kokomo Klash Kokomo Speedway Kokomo, Indiana Friday October 16, 2020 Non-Wing 410 Sprint Cars Feature: 1. 57-Clinton Boyles 2. 24p-Shane Cottle 3. 32-Dave Darland 4. 21az-Jake Swanson 5. 47-Thomas Meseraull 6. 22-Justin Grant 7. 71P-Jason […]

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Brent Beauchamp Wins at Putnamville

Brent Beauchamp was victorious in the non-wing sprint cars at Lincoln Park Speedway while Ethan Barrow scored his second win of the weekend with the Indiana RaceSaver Sprint Cars. […]

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Ricky Lewis and Ethan Barrow Victorious at Paragon

Paragon Speedway Paragon, Indiana Friday August 28, 2020 Non-Wing 410 Sprint Cars Heat Race #1: 1. 11-Ricky Lewis 2. 23-Colin Parker 3. 4-AJ Hopkins 4. 4C-Daylan Chambers 5. 19-Damon Cooley 6. 22-Brandon Spencer 7. 88-Will […]

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Cummins Wins Hoosier Sprint Nationals

Kyle Cummins and Bradley Sterrett won the Midwest Sprint Car Series and Indiana RaceSaver Sprint Car Series features respectively Saturday during the Hoosier Sprint Nationals at Tri-State Speedway. […]

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Mihocko and Bradley Wins at Putnamville

Lincoln Park Speedway Putnamville, IN Saturday September 14, 2019 Non-Wing 410 Sprint Cars Heat Race #1 1. 2C-Tim Creech II, [4] 2. 17S-Shey Owens, [1] 3. 24H-Gary Hayden, [2] 4. 20D-Chad Davenport, [3] 5. 3L-Levi […]