Clean Sweep for Rude at Skagit Speedway

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From Kaleb Hart

ALGER, Wash. (May 8, 2021) – One week after leaving in an ambulance, Bill Rude had the night of his life at Skagit Speedway, pulling off a clean sweep and setting a new track record in the Cook Road Shell Sportsman Sprints. Zack Fuller and Brian Michelson joined him as winners on the night.

The night started with Rude setting a new track record in time trials with a blistering lap of 11.883 seconds, nearly a full tenth under the old mark. After winning his heat race (and leading every lap of it), the veteran took full advantage of an 8 invert to lead every lap of the main event, keeping Evan Margeson and Kelsey Carpenter at bay to capture the win and secure the clean sweep in epic fashion. Cory Swatzina and Joe Lyon were the other heat race winners.

Zack Fuller took his first Skagit Speedway win in the Skagit Aggregates Modifieds with ease, taking the lead on lap six from Mike Steltz and driving away to an unchallenged win from there. Behind him, the battle for second was chaotic with multiple drivers holding the spot before Tim Phillips secured it for good late ahead of eventual third place finisher Ben Gunderson. The three heat races were won by Tyler Ketchum, Rick Smith and Craig Moore.

Week two of the Outlaw Tuners saw Brian Michelson win with ease as he led every lap of the main event by a huge margin. Much like the modified race, the action occurred for second, where Howard Vos ended up coming from the back of the pack to take the spot ahead of Colin Sims. Vos and Mike Macpherson won the heat races.

Cook Road Shell Sportsman Sprints

Fast Time – Bill Rude 11.883 NTR

Heat 1 – Bill Rude

Heat 2 – Cory Swatzina

Heat 3 – Joe Lyon

Main – Bill Rude, Evan Margeson, Kelsey Carpenter, Joe Lyon, Malachi Gemmer, Cory Swatzina, Justin Youngquist, Steve Parker, Jesson Jacobson, Corey Summers, Allison Johnson, Tom Weiss, James Bundy, Jeff Pearson, Keira Zylstra, Russell Ronan, Eric Turner, Zach Keefe

Lap Leaders – Rude 1-25

Skagit Aggregates Modifieds

Heat 1 – Tyler Ketchum

Heat 2 – Rick Smith

Heat 3 – Craig Moore

Main – Zack Fuller, Tim Phillips, Ben Gunderson, Craig Moore, Mike Steltz, Tyler Ketchum, Zane Minor, Alan Grimbly, Austin Lovik, Dan Butenschoen, Rick Smith, Adam Holtrop, Mike Knox

Lap Leaders – Steltz 1-6 Fuller 6-24

Outlaw Tuners

Heat 1 – Howard Vos

Heat 2 – Mike Macpherson

Main – Brian Michelson, Howard Vos, Colin Sims, Ayuka Carlson, Jeremy Swann, Mike Macpherson, Jon Edwards, Tricia Michelson, Brent Shetler, Roger Burt, Brandon Janzen, Eric Thibert Jr

Lap Leaders – Michelson 1-17