DeCaire Wins the American Speed Challenge

Troy DeCaire. (David Sink photo)

ANDERSON, S.C. (May 15, 2021) — Troy DeCaire bounced back from an incident that took him out of contention for the win on Friday to victory lane Saturday with the Must See Racing sprint car series at Anderson Motor Speedway during the American Speed Challenge. Friday’s winner Joe Ligouri finished second with Jimmy McCune, Anthony McCune, and Jocob Dolimar rounding out the top five.

the American Speed Challenge
Must See Racing Sprint Car Series
Anderson Motor Speedway
Anderson, South Carolina
Saturday, May 15, 2021

1. 36-Troy DeCaire
2. 13L-Joe Ligouri
3. 88-Jimmy McCune
4. 8-Anthony McCune
5. 48-Jacob Dolimar
6. 16-Noah Allison
7. 81-Steve Surniak
8. 7-Tom Jewell
9. 17-Bobby Komisarski
10. 90-Joshua Sexton
11. 85-Rick Holley