Chuck Hebing Captures His Second A-Main Win Of The Season At Penn Can Speedway

By Paul Harkenrider
(Susquehanna, Pa) After a long and storied career, Chuck Hebing is still showing his dominance and he did so Friday night at the Penn Can Speedway by leading all 25 laps en route to his second PST A-Main win of the season and 53rd overall in his career.

The lone caution came at the drop of the green flag when Denny Peebles fired before Hebing the starter. When the yellow flag came out, Mark Smith and Jeff Trombley made contact which caused Smith to suffer a right rear flat. Smith was able to replace the right rear but would have to start at the tail end of the field.

This now had Hebing and Jordan Thomas on the front row. Hebing took command early but the battle for second was heavily contested early on between Jordan Thomas and Paulie Colagiovanni. The two would go lap by lap which allowed Hebing to increase his advantage.

Finally on lap nine Colagiovanni dived to the bottom and made it stick, taking over second. At about this point of the race, Hebing finally encountered lap traffic where he continued to clear cars building a race lead over Colagiovanni. Colagiovanni would begin to pull away from Thomas who was holding on for third as Matt Farnham and Davie Franek were all contesting for the final podium spot.

With five laps remaining, Hebing cleared three more lap cars which was all he needed to hold off Colagiovanni for his second win of 2021. Jordan Thomas would finish third, followed by Matt Farnham, and Davie Franek.

The heat winners were Mark Smith, Denny Peebles, and Paulie Colagiovanni. The dash win went to Danny Varin which paid off for him as he was able to advance three positions and come home with a sixth-place finish.

The series continues through this weekend in Pennsylvania with a visit to Selinsgrove Speedway for the Joe Whitcomb Memorial.

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Patriot Sprint Tour Quick Results

A Main: 1) 45- CHUCK HEBING (2) 2) 10- Paulie Colagiovanni 3) 79- Jordan Thomas 4) 7ny- Matt Farnham 5) 28f- Davie Franek 6) 00- Danny Varin 7) M1- Mark Smith 8) 3- Denny Peebles 9) 29- Dalton Herrick 10) 3a- Jeff Trombley 11) 32- Kyle Smith 12) 61- Parker Evans 13) 2- Dave Axton 14) 41- Chase Moran 15) 67- Steve Glover

Heat 1: 1) M1- Mark Smith 2) 28f- Davie Franek 3) 29- Dalton Herrick 4) 00- Danny Varin 5) 2- Dave Axton

Heat 2: 1) 3- Denny Peebles 2) 79- Jordan Thomas 3) 7ny- Matt Farnham 4) 3a- Jeff Trombley 5) 61- Parker Evans

Heat 3: 1) 10- Paulie Colagiovanni 2) 45- Chuck Hebing 3) 67- Steve Glover 4) 32- Kyle Smith 5) 41- chase Moran

Bonnell’s Rod Shop Dash for Cash: 1) 0- Danny Varin 2) 3a- Jeff Trombley 3) 61- Parker Evans 4) 67- Steve Glover 5) 2- Dave Axton 6) 32- Kyle Smith