Dale Blaney Returns to Victory Lane Saturday at Sharon

Dale Blaney. (T.J. Buffenbarger Photo)

HARTFORD, Ohio (June 26, 2021) — Dale Blaney used a week off from his officiating duties with the All Star Circuit of Champions to return to the drivers seat and in turn victory lane Saturday night at Sharon Speedway.

Driving for Rich Farmer, Blaney drove from fourth starting position to take the lead from George Houghbaugh on lap five. Blaney never looked back in route to the victory over Carl Bowser, A.J. Flick, Sye Lynch, and Hobaugh.

Chad Ruhlman won the RUSH Sprint Car Series feature.

Sharon Speedway
Hartford, Ohio
Saturday, June 26, 2021

Winged 410 Sprint Cars

1. 29X-Dale Blaney
2. 11-Carl Bowser
3. 2 A.J. Flick
4. 42-Sye Lynch
5. 40-George Hobaugh
6. 6-Bob Felmlee
7. 13-Brandon Matus
8. 08-Dan Kuriger
9. 5K-Adam Kekich
10. 23-Darren Pifer
11. 29-Michael Bauer
12. 33-Brent Matus
13. 11J-David Kalb
14. 80J-Kyle Colwell
15. 66-Ken Rossey
16. 5-Bob McMillin
17. 21-Bryan Salisbury
18. 13B-Steve Bright
19. 29s-Seth Zabo
20. 20B-Cody Bova
21. 27K-Dan Shetler
22. 76-Davey Jones
23. 35W-Jeremy Weaver
24. 99-Cameron Nastasi

RUSH Crate Sprint Car Series

1. 68-Chad Ruhlman
2. 43J-Blaze Myers
3. 18-Arnie Kent
4. 16C-Amelia Clay
5. 41-Rod George
6. 57N-Tyler Newhart
7. 23-Kevin Ruhlman
8. 24-Gale Ruth
9. 1T-Ricky Tucker
10. 19-Brad Blackshear
11. 9J-Andy Feil
12. 37x-Bill Watson
13. 69X A.J. MacQuarrie
14. 12C-Calvin Clay
15. 13K-Kevin Kaserman
16. 5B-Gale Ruth
17. 58-Joe Lockhart
18. 25-Nolan Groves
19. 14-John Mollick