Ty Williams Triumps Battle at Rush County Speedway with United Rebel Sprint Series

Ty Williams Photo courtesy of Rick Salem

By Rick Salem
LACROSSE, Kansas (July 3, 2021) – Twenty cars were in attendance for Saturday night’s show at Rush County Speedway in LaCrosse, Kansas with the Drive to Zero POWRi United Rebel Sprint Series Presented by Mel Hambelton Ford Racing. Saturday’s event saw Arcadia, Oklahoma’s Ty Williams sweeping the night.

A 5-lap dash lined up the first three rows of the feature, which placed Williams and Ray Seemann to set the pace. Williams took off with the early lead, but not without pressure from Nebraska’s Adam Gullion. Gullion and Williams traded off positions on the bullring for a large majority of the race. Williams would run the high line in one corner while Gullion rode the bottom lane, never losing sight of the race lead.

A late-race caution flew over the field, shaking up the mix of positions across the top-five. Seventh place starter, Zach Blurton got his nose into the battle by getting up to third, and battled hard for the top spot with Gullion and Williams. Ty Williams went on to the checkered with the victory, with Gullion, Blurton, Seemann, and Werner closing out the top-five finishers.

Heat races were won by Adam Gullion, Luke Cranston, and Ty Williams. The Keizer Aluminum Wheels hard-charger was awarded to Jed Werner, who finished fifth from an eleventh place starting position.

The Drive to Zero United Rebel Sprint Series are back in action tonight atop the famed half-mile of the Belleville High Banks in Belleville, Kansas. Hot laps will begin at 6:30PM, with racing at 7:30PM. Catch a fireworks show following tonight’s program. General admission is $20, kids ages 7-12 $10, and 6 and under free.

United Rebel Sprint Series

Rush County Speedway – LaCrosse, Kansas

July 3, 2021

Heat One (8 laps): 1) Adam Gullion, 2) Jon Freeman, 3) Jordan Knight, 4) Chad Salem, 5) Connor Atkinson, 6) Tyler Knight, 7) Ross Essenburg

Heat Two (8 laps): 1) Luke Cranston, 2) Brian Herbert, 3) Jake Galusha, 4) Kyler Johnson, 5) Steven Richardson, 6) Darren Berry, 7) Cash Beeson

Heat Three (8 laps): 1) Ty Williams, 2) Ray Seemann, 3) Zach Blurton, 4) Jed Werner, 5) Jeremy Huish, 6) Aaron Ploussard

Dash (5 laps): 1) Ty Williams, 2) Ray Seemann, 3) Luke Cranston, 4) Adam Gullion, 5) Jordan Knight, 6) Jon Freeman

A Feature (25 laps): 1) Ty Williams, 2) Adam Gullion, 3) Zach Blurton, 4) Ray Seemann, 5) Jed Werner, 6) Jordan Knight, 7) Jake Galusha, 8) Luke Cranston, 9) Brian Herbert, 10) Jeremy Huish, 11) Jon Freeman, 12) Kyler Johnson, 13) Tyler Knight, 14) Connor Atkinson, 15) Darren Berry, 16) Ross Essenburg, 17) Aaron Ploussard, 18) Steven Richardson, 19) Chad Salem, 20) Cash Beeson