Ballou Opens Kokomo Smack Down Weekend with Bob Darland Memorial Victory

Robert Ballou (r) with Dave Darland (l) after winning the Bob Darland Memorial Wednesday night at Kokomo Speedway. (Jim Denhamer photo)

KOKOMO, IN (August 25, 2021) — Robert Ballou won the Bob Darland Memorial Wednesday night at Kokomo Speedway to kick off the 10th edition of the Sprint Car Smack Down. Ballou, from Rocklin, California, took the lead after Emerson Axsom bobbled running the cushion after leading a majority of the event. Ballou then held off Logan Seavey for his third victory of the 2021 season. Seavey, Axsom, Tanner Thorson, and C.J. Leary rounded out the top five.

Bob Darland Memorial
Kokomo Speedway
Kokomo, Indiana
Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Feature (36 Laps):
1. 12-Robert Ballou
2. 5-Logan Seavey
3. 39BC-Emerson Axsom
4. 19AZ-Tanner Thorson
5. 77m-C.J. Leary
6. 69-Brady Bacon
7. 21az-Jake Swanson
8. 23s-Thomas Meseraull
9. 79-Max Guilford
10. 77x-Stevie Sussex
11. 5m-Jason McDougal
12. 20-Alex Bright
13. 33m-Matt Westfall
14. 57-Cole Bodine
15. 28-Brandon Mattox
16. 01-Anthony D’Alessio
17. 57M-Max Adams
18. 9k-Kevin Thomas Jr
19. 6-Mario Clouser
20. 4-Justin Grant