Nick DaRonco and Mark Chevalier are UMSS Winners

UMSS Renegades

Ogilvie, MN, June 18, 2022

The Pirtek Renegades joined forces with the Northern Renegades for a sprint car invasion of Ogilvie Raceway on Saturday. 24 winged teams signed in to attack the central Minnesota speedplant, joining 17 traditional teams for a total of 41 Renegade sprint cars clogging the Ogilvie Raceway pits. Celebrity guest official TJ Inderieden joined the UMSS team for the evening to help the series support its 2022 drive to “Race for a Cause” in support of GiGi’s Playhouse, a nationwide network of Down Syndrome Achievement Centers.

The first heat race of the night went to Northern Renegade traditional sprint pilot Travis Case, while Nick DaRonco raced to win the second traditional qualifier. In winged action, Jeremy Schultz, Owen Carlson, and Todd Hanson won their respective heat races. In feature racing, DaRonco charged up from the eighth starting position to make it a clean sweep on the night in traditional sprint car competition, his second of the season. The winged feature winner came from even deeper in the field, as Mark Chevalier claimed his first sticker of the summer after starting on the inside of the seventh row.

The Pirtek Renegades are back at it this Saturday, June 25, when the traditional sprints return to their home track, Cedar Lake Speedway for a CLS Dash event. More information on upcoming events for the Pirtek Renegades, as well as links to other Renegades series, can be found at, or on facebook. Fans wishing to support GiGi’s Playhouse are encouraged to visit A portion of Pirtek Renegade “Race for a Cause” apparel sales are donated to GiGi’s Playhouse..

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Traditional Sprints

Feature, 20-laps. 1.Nick DaRonco, 2.Mike Mueller, 3.Scott Brandt, 4.Jeremy Kerzman, 5.Joseph Kouba, 6. Lucas Logue, 7.Brad Cunningham, 8.Zach Widdes, 9.Jon Lewerer, 10.Kevin Bradwell, 11.Tyler Wass, 12.John Breitenfeldt, 13.Erik Bjorklund, 14.Tim Lynch, 15.Travis Case, 16.Jake Barsness, 17.Chris Lewis(DNS)

PIRTEK heat #1:

1. Case, 2. Kerzman, 3. Breitenfeldt, 4. Logue, 5. Kouba, 6. Barsness, 7. Bjorklund, 8. Lewis, 9. Bradwell (DNS)

RTS Podcast heat #2:

1. DaRonco, 2. Mueller, 3. Brandt, 4. Cunningham, 5. Lewerer, 6. Widdes, 7. Wass, 8. Lynch

Winged Sprints

Feature, 20-laps. 1. Mark Chevalier, 2. Mike Mueller, 3. Todd Hanson, 4. Jeremy Kerzman, 5. Chris Vogel, 6. Patrick Heikkinen, 7. Casey Lang, 8. Ryan Buck, 9. Austin Phillips, 10. John Lowe, 11. Dani Aldrich, 12. Luke Nellis, 13. Jamey Ogston, 14. Jeremy Schultz, 15. Ryan Lilliberg, 16. Ken Hron, 17. Ryan Johnson, 18. Tyler Rabenberg, 19. Trevor Reding, 20. Brett Peterson, 21. Owen Carlson, 22. Chase Viebrock, 23. Tony Kaus (DNS), 24. Ryan Anundson (DNS)

PIRTEK heat #1:

1. Schultz, 2. Viebrock, 3. Ogston, 4. Vogel, 5. Chevalier, 6. Phillips, 7. Lilliberg, 8. Kaus

RTS Podcast heat #2:

1. Carlson, 2. Kerzman, 3. Lang, 4. Reding, 5. Buck, 6. Aldrich, 7. Peterson, 8. Hron

CLS heat #3:
1. Hanson, 2. Nellis, 3. Rabenberg, 4. Mueller, 5. Lowe, 6. Heikkinen, 7. Johnson, 8. Anundson