Kofoid Wins the Inaugural High Limit Series Event at Putnamville

By T.J. Buffenbarger

PUTNAMVILLE, Ind. (August 16, 2022) — Buddy Kofoid etched his name in the history books as the first feature winners with the High Limit Sprint Car Series Tuesday night at Lincoln Park Speedway during the series inaugural event. Kofoid took the lead from Justin Sanders in the closing laps of the main event and navigated the tricky cushion over the final five laps for the victory.

Kofoid patiently waited for the top of the race track to come in while not tipping off other drivers of his intentions.

“Early on I figured it would be right around the bottom. The top was just was so dirty to go up there and I didn’t want to be the first one up there and try and clean it up because I feel like I would have lost spots doing that,” said Kofoid. “Then I saw it got cleaner and cleaner on that end of that long, first green flag run. I went to the top a couple times and could feel it working and luckily, I didn’t show anyone that came in.”

Brady Bacon and Zeb Wise made up the front row for the feature event with Bacon taking the lead off turn two using the bottom of the racetrack to open the 35-lap event.

Larson quickly moved up into third around fellow California driver Justin Sanders on lap six and set his sights on Zeb Wise for second. By lap 14 he was inside of Wise as the leaders were mired in heavy lapped traffic, taking the position on lap 16.

Sanders started to move forward on lap 18 challenging Large for second when the caution came out for Zach Hampton and Chad Kemenah tangling in turn four.

Sanders was able to drive around the outside of Larson during the restart to take the second position. One lap later Larson slowed with a flat right rear tire. Brent Marks also slowed. Both drivers were able to make repairs and join the restart.

During the restart Sanders drove around the outside of Bacon to take the lead on lap 20. One lap later Marks slowed again to bring out the caution flag.

During the restart Sanders pulled away as Eliason drove around Bacon for to second. Shortly after Ricky Stenohouse Jr. dropped Bacon back to third.

With 23 laps in Buddy Kofoid started making his way forward using the top of the racetrack. Kofoid was able to enter the top three and quickly chased down Cory Eliason for second. Kofoid took second on lap 28 and one lap later drove around Sanders for the lead.

From there Kofoid just had to navigate Lincoln Park Speedway’s tricky cushion to claim the $22,522 top prize.

The top nine finishers also split a bounty Larson put on himself of $10,000 to be split by every driver that finished ahead of him if Larson finished in the top 10. Larson rallied from that flat tire to finish 10th, landing those drivers each a $1,111 bonus.

“I think Justin might have messed up and went to cover the bottom and I railed three and four really good and was able to just get to his bumper and slide him,” said Kofoid of his pass for the lead. I knew if I could just run super smart and straight that I should be okay.”

Afterwards Sanders knew he had left the door open for Kofoid.

“That one car was pulling off the track and I kind of had to go the bottom and I lost all my momentum and Buddy just came in just flying,” said Sanders. “He was setting a torrid pace. I was leading and didn’t know how hard to push it. I didn’t want to drive it off the racetrack. I’m just just kind of bummed right now. I just felt like that was close. $2,000 is a lot of money to be racing for and Brad (Sweet) and Kyle really brought money into this sport. Even us running second I think paid well, that’s amazing. I’m just disappointed for Kevin and these guys.”

High Limit Open
High Limit Sprint Car Series
Lincoln Park Speedway
Putnamville, Indiana
Tuesday, August 16, 2022

1. 11X-Buddy Kofoid
2. 39-Justin Sanders
3. 71-Cory Eliason
4. 7JR-Ricky Stenhouse Jr.
5. 26-Zeb Wise.
6. 55X-Alex Bowman
7. 21H-Brady Bacon
8. 55-Hunter Schuerenberg
9. 7BC-Tyler Courtney
10. 57-Kyle Larson
11. 13-Justin Peck
12. 5T-Travis Philo
13. 17-Kevin Thomas Jr.
14. 35H-Zach Hampton
15. 35-Chad Kemenah
16. 19-Chris Windom
17. 11-Cale Thomas
18. 19M-Brent Marks
19. 5K-Jason McDougal
20. 22-Riley Goodno
21. 9AZ-Mitchell Moles
22. 17X-Justin Grant
23. 5S-Chase Stockon
24. 30-C.J. Leary