Davie Franek Awarded $5,350 For the 2022 Season at The Final Patriot Sprint Tour Awards Banquet

Patriot Sprint Tour Banquet

By Paul Harkenrider
(Vernon, NY) In front of a crowd of 132 people, New Jersey’s Davie Franek collected his second career Patriot Sprint Tour Series championship.


Franek would win the first event of the 2022 season at Outlaw Speedway, ride the consistency game, hold off Jonathan Preston, who finished second, and then 2022 PST Rookie of the year, Dalton Rombough to secure the Championship.


Several special awards were given out, beginning with Denny Peebles being recognized as just missing the points. The Patriots of the year award was given to the entire Hutton Racing team for attending every Patriot Sprint Tour event and every CRSA event. Jordan Hutton was also awarded the PST Outstanding Newcomer award. 2021 series Champion Jordan Thomas was handed the Tough Luck award for his unfortunate night at Fonda Speedway that halted his opportunity to win a championship again in 2022.


The best-appearing car was awarded to Dave Axton, Steve Glover was the recipient of the Most Improved driver award. and Ryan Rumsey was awarded Mechanic of the year for his efforts with the Championship winning Franek race team in 2022.


For his continued, never-ending attitude, and willingness to be a wealth of knowledge for the tour the last 18 years, the long-time PST employee was given the Jerry Farrell Sportsmanship award. For the night’s final award, the Patriot Sprint Tour dedication to Motorsports award was given to Mike Emhof for his constant willingness to bring this tour to new heights. Emhof was given a standing ovation once the award was presented.  


The contingency awards were next handed out as Danny Varin was the Danny Willmes Lap leader award, winner presented by Cobra Motorhomes & trailers with LC Designs. Davie Franek earned the Patriot Tank Lines Hard charger award and the Bonnells Rod Shop Dash for Cash Series was won by Dave Axton.


Point fund money was handed out, and there were seven drivers who were given a minimum of $1,000 for attending every single Patriot Sprint Tour Race this season. Those drivers include; Jordan Hutton (9th), Dave Axton (6th), Steve Glover (5th), Jordan Thomas (4th), Dalton Rombough (3rd), Jonathan Preston (2nd), and Davie Franek (1st).



The end of the banquet was closed out by Patriot Sprint Tour President Mike Emhof with the following statement.

“I would like to say THANK YOU to each everyone that made our banquet such a success. The staff works very hard at this, and I think they have once again done an excellent job. 

The staff members for both organizations are second to none, and without them none of this would be possible. I would like to thank all in attendance for coming out tonight and supporting both tours throughout the entire 2022 season.  


This next statement and piece of news is probably one of the worst kept secrets of all time and one of the hardest decisions I think I have ever had to make. 


It is a very sad day for me to tell you all that this will be the last Patriot Sprint Tour Banquet that I will have. I will not be scheduling any PST events in 2023 and beyond. 


I had hoped I could find someone to continue this great program we have had for the past 20 years and it just didn’t turn out that way. I want to thank each and every single individual and Marketing Partner that has helped me take this program to where it is and where it will end tonight.  


Thank you all for making it what it was, and what it is. 


Thanks once again to all of you who have supported the Tours Congratulations to all of our award recipients and I look forward to next year with the CRSA Sprints & the MEM Parts Business.” 


Patriot Sprint Tour Special Award Recipients

Just Missed the Points- Denny Peebles

Insinger Performance Rookie of the Year – Dalton Rombough

Patriots of the Year- Hutton Racing

Jerry Farrell Sportsmanship- Josh Aylsworth

Worst Drawer- Davie Franek (39.1)

Tough Luck Award – Jordan Thomas

Best Appearing Car- Dave Axton

Most Improved- Steve Glover

Mechanic of the year- Ryan Rumsey

Dedication to Motorsports- Mike Emhof


Contingency Awards

Danny Willmes Lap Leader- Danny Varin 

 Patriot Tank Lines Hard Charger- Davie Franek 

 Bonnells Rod Shop Dash Series- Dave Axton


Patriot Sprint Tour Final Point Standings and Money Earned

10. Kyle Drum-$250, 9. Jordan Hutton*- $1000, 8. Paulie Colagivanni- $250,

  7. Denny Peebles- $250, 6. Dave Axton* – $1,250, 5. Steve Glover*- $1,650,

 4. Jordan Thomas*- $2,150, 3. Dalton Rombough*- $3,100, 2. Jonathan Preston*- $3,250

1. Davie Franek*- $5,350

*PST Platinum Driver