Hallett Opens Chariots of Thunder with Feature Victory

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DARWIN, NT (August 18, 2023) — Brock Hallett opened the Chariots of Thunder at Northline Speedway in victory lane Friday night at Northline Speedway. Halett, from Portland, Victoria, passed Ryan Jones with three laps to go for the feature victory.

Jones held on for second position, narrowly holding off Matt Egel who rounded out the podium. Defending Australian Sprint Car Title winner Jock Goodyer from 13th starting spot and Tate Frost rounded out the top five.

Chris Temby won the Wingless V6 Sprint Car main event.

Chariotts of Thunder
Northline Speedway
Darwin, Northern Territory
Friday, August 18, 2023

Winged 410 Sprint Cars

1. Q5-Brock Hallett
2. SA63-Ryan Jones
3. SA52-Matt Egel
4. A1-Jock Goodyer
5. T62-Tate Frost
6. WA19-Trent Pigdon
7. V11-Grant Anderson
8. NT26-Todd Moule
9. WA80-James Inglis
10. SA20-Glen Sutherland
11. NT15-Kale Quinlan
12. V60-Jordyn Charge
13. SA81-Luke Dillon
14. V8-Bobby Daly
15. WA14-Jason Pryde
16. WA4-Cameron McKenzie
17. NT77-Hayden Brown
18. D2-Ben Atkinson
19. WA3-Callum Williamson
20. SA98-Chad Ely

Wingless V6 Sprint Cars

1. V2-Chris Temby
2. N4-Jason Davis
3. NT82-Nathan Dicker
4. NT61-Matt Sealy
5. WA84-Daran Humfrey
6. NT11-Blake Walsh
7. S41-Bronson Mauro
8. NT99-Zack Grimshaw
9. V4-Freddy Walsh
10. NT5-Daniel Goldoni
11. S35-Mitchell Broome
12. NT59-Cameron Jaenke
13. NT43-Jack Barlee
14. NT18-Josh Norman
15. NT75-Tyson Newcombe
16. NT77-Kyle Wiseman
17. S95-Andy Thomas
18. S54-Alan Saint
19. S10-William Caruso
20. NT7-Jarrod Goldoni