Seavey Completes Sweep of USAC Features at the 4-Crown

Logan Seavey with family and crew members after completing a sweep of the 4-Crown Nationals main events. (T.J. Buffenbarger photo)

ROSSBURG, Ohio (September 23, 2023) — 25 Years after Jack Hewitt swept the 4-Crown Nationals, Logan Seavey put his name into the history books becoming the third driver in the history of the 4-Crown Nationals to sweep all three United States Auto Club features at the event. Seavey backed up his midget and sprint car wins by dominating the 50-lap USAC Silver Crown Series finale. Matt Westfall, Chase Dietz, Carmen Perigo, and Kody Swanson rounded out the top five.

USAC Silver Crown Series
41st 4-Crown Nationals
Eldora Speedway
Rossburg, Ohio
Saturday, September 23, 2023

1. 22-Logan Seavey
2. 54-Matt Westfall
3. 86-Chase Dietz
4. 52-Carmen Perigo
5. 77-Kody Swanson
6. 91-Justin Grant
7. 97-Mitchel Moles
8. 9-Tyler Courtney
9. 6-C.J. Leary
10. 69-Chase Stockon
11. 10-Jake Swanson
12. 24-Kevin Thomas Jr.
13. 12-Wayne Johnson
14. 20-Emerson Axsom
15. 49-Brian Ruhlman
16. 26-Kaylee Bryson
17. 11-Trey Burke
18. 55-Jerry Coons Jr.
19. 7-Kyle Robbins
20. 555-Taylor Ferns
21. 81-Trey Osborne
22. 18-Travis Welpott
23. 99-Zach Hampton
24. 57-Dallas Hewitt
25. 51-Russ Gamester
26. 5-Matt Mitchell
27. O8-Kyle Steffens
28. 92-Mario Clouser