Karter Sarff Succeeds in POWRi National Midget League 2023 Season Championship

Karter Sarff POWRi Photo

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Belleville, IL. (10/15/23) Strengthening the growing career legacy of a true up-and-coming talent while also highlighting the on-track successes needed to clinch a championship, the POWRi National Midget League would witness the triumphs of Karter Sarff claim in the yearly title in the final event by a mere fifty-point winning advantage over a highly competitive seasonal field.

Achieving a pair of feature wins on the season to raise his career count to three, Mason City Illinois talent Karter Sarff would reel off eight top-five performances throughout fourteen top-ten runs in his eighteen POWRi National Midget League season starts.

Driving the family-owned Karter Sarff Motorsports, Provisio Partners, Canham Graphics, Jamie Sarff Construction, Clearview Glass, Five Star Water, Schleder Farms, Sunoco Racing Fuels, Super Clean, Collision Concepts Inc., KBR, O’Dell’s Auto Service, Spike Chassis, Speedway Toyota Racing Engine #21K; “The Shark” would attack in a surge of late-season points to take the title as the POWRi National Midget League 2023 Champion in the final event of the season by hard-charging to runner-up from starting seventeenth to add to the seasonal dramatic flair.

“This family team truly is the little team that could, this is a perfect way to prove our never-give-up mindset. I don’t think this has even set in yet and even if you asked me in a couple of weeks how much this means to me that I could really put everything into words,” said the celebratory season champion Karter Sarff in response to his yearly accomplishments.

Picking up four heat race victories on the season, Sarff would truly shine in feature event competitions by advancing a league-leading seventy-eight positions in competitional green flag racing while also earning the POWRi National Midget League season-leading four hard-charger accolades. Notching a single high-point qualifier award as well as a semi-feature victory on the highly successful season, Karter would lead fifty-five feature laps throughout the twenty POWRi National Midget League championship earning seasonal appearances.

POWRi National Midget League 2023 Winners: (*West | ~Xtreme)

*3/25/2023 | Port City Raceway | Daison Pursley – Winner

~4/14/2023 | I-55 Raceway | Cannon McIntosh – Winner

*5/5/2023 | Sweet Springs Motorsports Complex | Karter Sarff – Winner

*5/6/2023 | Lucas Oil Speedway | Jacob Denney – Winner

6/22/2023 | Charleston Speedway | Cannon McIntosh – Winner

6/23/2023 | Jacksonville Speedway | Cannon McIntosh – Winner

6/24/2023 | Macon Speedway | Thomas Meseraull – Winner

6/25/2023 | Lincoln Speedway | Cannon McIntosh – Winner

*6/30/2023 | Central Missouri Speedway | Riley Kreisel – Winner

*7/1/2023 | Lake Ozark Speedway | Gavin Miller – Winner

~7/21/2023 | Doe Run Raceway | Zach Daum – Winner

~7/22/2023 | Southern Illinois Raceway | Jade Avedisian – Winner

~8/4/2023 | I-55 Raceway | Karter Sarff – Winner

~8/5/2023 | I-55 Raceway | Jade Avedisian – Winner

~8/25/2023 | Davenport Speedway | Zach Daum – Winner

~8/26/2023 | Davenport Speedway | Gavin Miller – Winner

*10/11/2023 | Creek County Speedway | Ryan Timms – Winner

*~10/12/2023 | Port City Raceway | Ryan Timms – Winner

*~10/13/2023 | I-44 Riverside Speedway | Gavin Miller – Winner

*~10/14/2023 | I-44 Riverside Speedway | Hayden Reinbold – Winner

Championship Banquet information for the 2023 POWRi Seasons as well as the full 2024 Schedules are currently being finalized and will be released in the upcoming weeks. Full POWRi National Midget League season standings are available online at http://www.powri.com/points/?c=1037&i=22453&t=Drivers.

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