Goodyer Scores $30,000 Victory at Toowoomba

Jock Goodyer after winning the Red Hot Summer Shootout at Hi-Tec Oils Speedway. (Image courtesy of Clay Per View)

By T.J. Buffenbarger

Toowoomba TOOWOOMBA, QLD (January 7, 2024) — Jock Goodyer took home the $30,000 top prize after winning the Nutrend Homes Red Hot Summer Shootout Sunday night at Hi-Tec Oils Speedway. Goodyer, the defending Australian Sprintcar Champion from Launceston, Tasmania, led all 35-laps in route to the win that was far from easy on a very technical racetrack along with a restart with two laps to go.

After recent struggles at Toowoomba, Goodyer was quick to credit his crew for overcoming some recent struggles during races at Toowoomba over the weekend.

“Hats off to those guys over there, they keep digging, digging, digging,” said Goodyer. “We’ve been struggling here and rolled here this time with a fresh package and man I feel good around here right now. I can finally feel my car which is good. I’m just stoked to you know finally get this fight and that’s probably up there with the one of the biggest wins I’ve had, it’s just awesome!”

Lachlan McHugh and Goodyer started on the front row for the 35-lap main event. After the initial start was short lived due to Ryan Newton ending up backwards in turn one. The second attempt saw Goodyer blast into the lead with McHugh and Cody Maroske trying to keep pace.

Aaron Reutzel briefly pressured Maroske for third position while further back in the field Carson Macedo started working his way up through the field from 9th starting spot up to seventh.

After the second caution flag appeared with six laps complete when Jesse Attard slowed on the racetrack, Goodyer pulled away from the field as Marcus Dumesny slid under Reutzel for fourth position after the restart with Macedo diving into fifth spot.

On lap 12 Macedo moved up to fourth position as Goodyer started to overtake slower cars. On lap 17 Maroske’s strong run ended after hitting a rut in turn four and flipping at the top of the track. Maroske exited the car under his own power but was unable to continue.

During the restart Macedo disposed of Dumesny for third with Jy Corbet following Macedo through to get the fourth position.

Goodyer entered traffic once again and allowed McHugh to close in when the caution flag appeared on lap 14 but caught a break three laps later when Justin Peck slowed to bring out the caution flag.

Goodyer was able to drive away from the field again after the restart while Macedo drove under McHugh to take over the second spot.

As the feature wound down Corbert continued to make his presence felt driving around the outside of McHugh for second position on lap 26. Four laps later Corbert used his momentum to drive around Macedo for second position.

Goodyer had a comfortable advantage when the final caution flag during the feature event appeared with two laps to go for Brent Kratzmann spinning in turn four.

Goodyer was up for the challenge and was never seriously challenged following the restart, driving away for the $30,000 victory. Cobert and Macedo exchanged second position after the restart with Corbert ending up with the position while Macedo rounded out the podium. McHugh and Luke Oldfield rounded out the top five.

For Corbet, patience was key starting 9th and patiently working his way forward on a tricky racing surface.

“I just knew if I just waited my time and you know moved forward, I would have made it,” said Corbet. “All the other guys struggled on the bottom, and I could just make it through. We made it work and then I got to those last few laps with Carson (Macedo) and you know we raced super clean and we got the job done.”

In the end Macedo hoped to be closer to Goodyer for the last restart but was happy to hold onto a podium finish.

“I feel like my race car was good there. Congrats to Jock and his team. They did a great job. I knew he was going be tough to beat out front. I was hoping I would get a restart in second. I could run really good down in one and two on the bottom and get just enough of a run but, (Goodyer) would have been really tough in clean air. I had a really good battle with Jy at the end. It was rough, it was cowboy up, but it was fun.”

Goodyer was overjoyed at the large payout for Sunday’s finale at Toowoomba.

“I’m over the world, this is awesome! $30,000 doesn’t happen very often in sprint cars so without Barry Waldron, Brenda, and all the people that chip into this awesome venue. We need people like that in this sport to continue growing this sport the way it’s going.

the Nutrend Homes Red Hot Summer Shootout
Hi-Tec Oils Speedway
Toowoomba, Queensland
Sunday, January 7, 2024

1. A1-Jock Goodyer
2. NQ10-Jy Corbet
3. USA99-Carson Macedo
4. NQ7-Lachlan McHugh
5. Q17-Luke Oldfield
6. Q5-Brock Hallett
7. N47-Marcus Dumesny
8. Q66-Ryan Newton
9. USA25-Sheldon Haudenschild
10. N57-Matt Dumesny
11. N16-Daniel Sayre
12. Q2-Brent Kratzmann
13. USA87-Aaron Reutzel
14. Q96-Harry Stewart
15. USA78-Justin Peck
16. USA9-Chase Randall
17. Q16-Cody Maroske
18. V60-Jordyn Charge
19. N55-Jessie Attard
20. Q91-Taylor Prosser

Midget Cars

1. 71-Troy Ware
2. 22-Scott Farmer
3. 46-Dylan Menz
4. 35-Michael Kendall
5. 43-Boyd Chaffey
6. 62-Brent Aprile
7. 23-Casey O’Connell
8. 81-Brad Dawson
9. 84-Chris Pidgeon
10. 82-Jack Bell
11. 12-Kody Stothard
12. 24-Ty Horne
13. 11-Charlie Brown
14. 93-Nic McDowell
15. 18-Nathan Mathers
16. 13-Tony Stephen
17. 5-Andy Hassan
18. 58-Rusty Whittaker
19. 3-Andrew Parkes
20. 70-Harry Stewart