Macedo Wins Australian Sprintcar Allstars Feature at Warrnambool

Carson Macedo. (Trent Gower Photo)

WARNAMBOOL, VIC (January 14, 2024) — Carson Macedo continued his winning ways during his tour in Australia winning the feature event Sunday night with the Australian Sprintcar Allstars series at Premier Speedway. The victory was Macedo’s third win of the weekend, backing up is victories Friday night at Avalon Raceway and Saturday at Simpson Speedway.

Jamie Veal, Rusty Hickman, Chase Randall, and Scott Enderl rounded out the top five.

Australian Sprintcar Allstars
Premier Speedway
Warrnambool, Victoria
Sunday, January 14, 2024

1. USA99-Carson Macedo
2. V35-Jamie Veal
3. V40-Rusty Hickman
4. USA9-Chase Randall
5. SA11-Scott Enderl
6. V88-Robbie Farr
7. V25-Jack Lee
8. S27-Daniel Pestka
9. V68-Brett Milburn
10. S98-Chad Ely
11. V11-Chris Solomon
12. USA45-Riley Goodno
13. V95-Ryan Davis
14. V72-Jake Smith
15. SA96-Brendan Guerin
16. A1-Mark Caruso
17. V65-Kane Newcombe
18. SA24-Ricky Maiolo
19. VA91-Daniel Scott
20. V7-Paul Solomon