McClymont Wins the North Island Title

Baypark Speedway Logo Top Story 2020

Mt. MAUGANUI, NZ (January 13, 2024) — Luke McClymont won the North Island Midget Championship Saturday night at Baypark Speedway. McClymont led all 25-laps in route to the title. Alec Insley, Brock Maskovich, Ben Morrison, and Travis Buckley rounded out the top five.

Ryan O’Connor won the sprint car feature after trading the lead Keaton Dahm multiple times before driving away for the victory. Rodney Wood, Jamie Larsen, and Zackary Sokol rounded out the to pfive.

North Island Midget Championship
Baypark Speedway
Mt. Mauganui, New Zealand
Saturday, January 13, 2024

Midget Cars

1. 4M-Luke McClymont
2. 71A-Alec Insley
3. 5M-Brock Maskovich
4. 97A-Ben Morrison
5. 7M-Travis Buckley
6. 24A-Morgan McHugh
7. 21M-Campbell Stewart
8. 63M-Jayden Worthington
9. 9A-Trent Way
10. 17V-Glenn Huijs
11. 5K-Tyla Robins
12. 24S-Mark Willians
13. 7K-Benjamin Mathews
14. 68P-Jordan Russ
15. 77K-Brent Curran
16. 74V-Ben Huijs
17. 95K-Mitch Fabish
18. 31A-Stefan Adams
19. 9M-Peter Hunnibell

Winged 410 Sprint Cars

1. 98M-Ryan O’Connor
2. 88M-Keaton Dahm
3. 51M-Rodney Wood
4. 82M-Jamie Larsen
5. 47M-Zackary Sokol
6. 6M-James Dahm
7. 41M-Cole Wood
8. 7K-Dion Kendall
9. 18M-Greg Pickerill
10. 58M-Bayley Betts
11. 16A-Ryan Barry
12. 4M-Colin Entwisle
13. 9M-Holly Williams
14. 81M-Josh Cumming
15. 22M-Ryan Laskey
16. 56M-Darryl Angus
17. 27M-Ritchie Battersby
18. 86M-Adam Davis
19. 28M-Ayrton Hodson
DNS: 93M-Syd Ferguson
DNS: 92A-Chris Kernohen
DNS: 11A-Raymond Griffen