Western Midget Racing

By Steven Blakesley

BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA (April 21, 2024) – For the second consecutive Western Midget Racing event, a first-time winner emerged in victory lane on Saturday night. 2023 series runner-up Logan Mitchell of Santa Cruz prevailed at Bakersfield Speedway after a 20-lap contest on the one-third mile dirt track.

“This means a lot. We’ve been through a lot the last three years to get to this point,” Mitchell said. “I was on his butt. I was like ‘can’t be patient anymore. Got to go!’ He slipped up a little bit, I drove it in hard, and never looked back.”

Adam and David Teves shared the front row for the feature event, while heat race winners Bryant Bell of Oakley and Anthony Bruno of San Jose shared the third row.

Adam Teves in the No. 6s paced the opening 11 circuits of competition with Mitchell in close pursuit. Mitchell found an opening on the backstretch, sneaking past to lead lap 12 in car No. 96x.

2023 champion Bell moved past Teves as well to finish second. Teves was third at the checkered flag followed by Lodi’s Nate Wait and Moorpark’s Todd Hawse.

Western Midget Racing races back to Ventura Raceway on May 4th. For more information visit www.WesternMidgetRacing.com

RESULTS: Bakersfield Speedway April 20, 2024

A Feature 1 (20 Laps): 1. 96X-Logan Mitchell[3]; 2. 09-Bryant Bell[5]; 3. 6S-Adam Teves[1]; 4. 35W-Nate Wait[7]; 5. 18-Todd Hawse[6]; 6. 5S-David Teves[2]; 7. 15-Adam Weisberg[9]; 8. 20-Kyle Hawse[8]; 9. 68-Marvin Mitchell[11]; 10. 9-Anthony Bruno[4]; 11. 54-Terry Nichols[10]

Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. 09-Bryant Bell[1]; 2. 96X-Logan Mitchell[3]; 3. 6S-Adam Teves[2]; 4. 35W-Nate Wait[5]; 5. 15-Adam Weisberg[4]; 6. 68-Marvin Mitchell[6]

Heat 2 (8 Laps): 1. 9-Anthony Bruno[1]; 2. 5S-David Teves[2]; 3. 18-Todd Hawse[4]; 4. 20-Kyle Hawse[3]; 5. 54-Terry Nichols[5]