New Name, Same Legacy: Sprint Car Wing Maker Preserves Family Tradition

by Addicted2Dirt PR & Media Mgmt

Roach Wings, a well-known provider of top and front wings for sprint cars and micros, has been acquired by the Defibaugh family. The Defibaugh family, consisting of Kyle Defibaugh, Jeff Defibaugh, and Brittany Defibaugh, is excited to announce their new venture into the racing business with the purchase of Roach Wings.

The decision to acquire Roach Wings was driven by the Defibaugh family’s passion for racing and their desire to own a business in the racing industry. The opportunity arose when the owners of Roach Wings, Jeff and Steve Cochran, decided to retire after 40 years in the business. The Cochrans are pleased to see the business continue under new ownership while maintaining its commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

“We are thrilled to be taking over Roach Wings and continuing the legacy that Jeff and Steve Cochran have built,” said Kyle Defibaugh. “We have been involved in racing for many years, and this acquisition allows us to combine our passion for the sport with our business knowledge.”

Roach Wings have been custom-made by hand since the beginning. Jeff and Steve Cochran grew up making furniture with their dad, all handmade. He also built houses, as did their grandfather and great-grandfather, both of whom were engineers who held multiple patents. Good old-fashioned ‘know-how’ runs deep in their family. Their cousins work for water flow and stress analysis engineering firms.

The sprint car wings the brothers make today are crafted using some of the equipment that has been in their family for generations. That equipment was even used back in WWI to make airplanes.

The Defibaugh family has a deep-rooted involvement in the sport of sprint car racing. Kyle has logged 16 years turning wrenches, while his father Jeff Defibaugh has 36 years of extensive experience working on sprint cars. Those years are at the root of their commitment and drive to continue to be an integral part of the sport.

Currently, Kyle serves as the crew chief for Jeff Halligan’s Risser Motorsports 410 sprint car team. He has been at Halligan’s side for most of 11 years but has been hands-on in the sport since 2008.

Jeff Defibaugh has helped on micros and sprint cars for many teams over the years, including Steve Owings, Cliff Brian, and future son-in-law Tyler Ulrich.

Kyle’s sister, Brittany, has also been around the sport for many years, although not as hands-on.

“This will be a way for me to be closer to the sport, my brother, and my dad. I’m a full-time registered nurse but I will handle the parts and office aspects of the business.”, added Brittany Defibaugh.

As part of the acquisition, Roach Wings will be rebranded as HighDef Wings. The new name reflects the Defibaugh family’s commitment to maintaining the high quality and standards that Roach Wings is known for. The Defibaugh family plans to continue producing wings for sprint cars and micros, using the same handcrafted techniques that Roach Wings is renowned for.

“We are dedicated to continuing the legacy of Roach Wings and providing our customers with the same top-notch products and service that they have come to expect,” said Jeff Defibaugh. “We look forward to serving the racing community for many years to come. We have known Jeff and Steve Cochran for many, many years. We are proud to carry what they have built into the future. We won’t let them or our customers down.”

The many aspects of the transition, everything from knowledge transfer to moving the shop, are in progress. The full transition is targeted to be completed this summer.

It’s important to note that even after the Defibaugh family takes over, the Cochran’s will remain involved for support, ongoing training, and yes admittedly because they love it.

“We can use the help!”, Kyle Defibaugh said with a chuckle. “They are welcome anytime and always will be.”

HighDef Wings will continue to serve its existing customer base, which includes several top teams. The Defibaugh family is excited about the opportunity to work closely with these drivers and provide them with the wings they need to succeed on the track.

For more information about HighDef Wings, please call Kyle Defibaugh at 717-606-3377 or Jeff Defibaugh at 717-598-6978.