Hoffmans picks up first career victory at Tulsa Speedway

By John Rittenoure

TULSA, Okla. (June 7, 2024) – It was a night of firsts for sprint car racer Wout Hoffmans.

Racing in his first non-wing sprint car event, Hoffmans drove to his first career sprint car victory with the Ortco, Inc. United Sprint League presented by Same Day Auto Repair Friday at Tulsa Speedway.

Starting on the pole next to defending USL champion Johnny Kent, Hoffmans fell in behind Kent who led the first nine laps. Following a yellow flag restart Hoffmans was able to get around Kent on lap 10 and led the final 20 laps to victory. Kent soon found himself battling with Tim Kent for the runner-up spot. Tim moved into second on lap 28, but Johnny Kent took the spot back on lap 29 leaving Tim with third. Brett Wilson held on to fourth and Jimmu Forrester round out the top five.

Wilson, Tim Kent and Johnny Kent picked up heat race victories.

United Sprint League

Tulsa Speedway – Tulsa, Oklahoma

June 7, 2024

Ortco Inc. A Feature (30 Laps): 1. 17-Wout Hoffmans[1]; 2. 55-Johnny Kent[2]; 3. 79-Tim Kent[5]; 4. 23A-Brett Wilson[4]; 5. 38-Jimmy Forrester[3]; 6. 24C-Craig Carroll[6]; 7. 24H-Ty Hulsey[11]; 8. 5X-Matt Sherrell[9]; 9. 5B-Brock Cottrell[8]; 10. 8R-Ryker Pace[13]; 11. 33-Justin Patocka[7]; 12. 50-Cody Whitworth[12]; 13. 69-Greg York[16]; 14. 39-Joshua Tyre[14]; 15. 24R-Kyle Roller[17]; 16. 08E-Elizabeth Phillips[18]; 17. 7D-David Baxter[15]; 18. 6-Nigel Calvert[10]

Speed Stix Shocks Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. 23A-Brett Wilson[1]; 2. 38-Jimmy Forrester[4]; 3. 6-Nigel Calvert[2]; 4. 24H-Ty Hulsey[3]; 5. 8R-Ryker Pace[5]; 6. 69-Greg York[6]

Kent Fireworks Heat 2 (8 Laps): 1. 79-Tim Kent[1]; 2. 24C-Craig Carroll[2]; 3. 5B-Brock Cottrell[3]; 4. 33-Justin Patocka[6]; 5. 39-Joshua Tyre[5]; 6. 08E-Elizabeth Phillips[4]

Morton Excavating Heat 3 (8 Laps): 1. 55-Johnny Kent[2]; 2. 17-Wout Hoffmans[5]; 3. 5X-Matt Sherrell[3]; 4. 50-Cody Whitworth[1]; 5. 7D-David Baxter[4]; 6. 24R-Kyle Roller[6]

Lap Leaders: 1-9 Johnny Kent, 10-30 Wout Hoffmans.

Margin of Victory: 0.734.

D&G Contracting Hard Charger: Ty Hulsey +4.

2024 Feature Winners: 3/30 – Rees Moran; 4//13 – Rees Moran; 6/7 – Wout Hoffmans.

About United Sprint League

Owned by Michael Tyre, the USL sanctions 360 two-barrel / 305 non-wing sprint car events throughout Oklahoma and surrounding states with goals of supporting sponsors and providing fans the the opportunity to enjoy the excitement of non-wing sprint car racing.

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Ortco Inc. manufactures qualify oilfield parts from American made bar and shaped steel on computerized CNC machinery. Products are then Heat Treated, coated for rust prevention, and warehoused for shipments across the globe. Ortco also utilizes high quality investment castings for safety clamps and various tongs.

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