Is there any good time for rain?

The alarm clock rings at 6:00 a.m. on race day morning, and the weather forecast calls for a slight chance of scattered thunderstorms. Always the optimist, I blow the report off and start upstairs to get ready to head to the track. An hour later after packing all my computer gear back up I head to the speedway. […]

Blog 4th Anniversary Racing Vacation

This past weekend the Bob, Rod, Todd crew and company celebrated the fourth season of the TJ Slideways Midwest Sprint Car Racing Page by taking in four races featuring six of the divisions that have made this page worth reading on a regular basis. From midgets on pavement to the World of Outlaws, we pretty much saw everything we cover here on the Slideways page. […]

I-96 Speedway

Wilson Wins Opening Night at The New 96 Speedway

Four and a half inches of rain since Wednesday, and repeated challenges from Mike Reinke and John Ivy could not stop Toledo, Ohio’s Chuck Wilson from taking the opening night feature win at the New 96 Speedway. The track crew did a heroic job to pump the facility out Friday afternoon for racing. Even though the grounds were soggy, a great crowd turned out on the first night of racing sponsored by the Ionia Chamber of Commerce. […]


Rain, Rain go away. Pick on fans some other day!

If you read the front page of the website today, you have already seen that I had a lot of fun driving down to Eldora and back on Saturday. Because of the rain I might be at the All Star show this weekend. However, if the weather forecast is for more doom and gloom I will just wait until the World of Outlaw weekend to hit the Big E.