Layfield Wins at Wayne County Speedway

Layfield, McLoughlin, Hartman and Frame Victorious at WCS
By Ryan Pearson

Orrville, Ohio (August 6, 2011) Week four is in the books and the fans who packed the grandstands were treated to some good door handle to door handle racing. “We had a nice field of cars and the fans came out tonight.” stated General Manager Jason Flory after the races. Tonight victory lane was graced with a first time feature winner, someone making his first visit here and a 2011 repeat winner.

In the 410 Winged Sprints it was Grafton, West Virginia’s Andre Layfield and Dalton, Ohio’s Lee Jacobs leading the pack to the green flag. Layfield would jump ahead of Jacobs on the start. The caution would fly on the opening lap for Nick Patterson who spun and collected Broc Martin and Shawn Hubler. Martin would be finished with damage to his race car. When the racing resumed it again was Layfield on the point as he was being chased by Jacobs and Jason Dolick, Danny Mumaw and Arlington, Virginia’s Aaron Shaffer. Layfield would try to pull away from Jacobs but Jacobs used the high side in turn one and two and blast down backstretch to keep the advantage minimal. An early race spin by Chris Smith would erase any advantage Layfield had over the field. Jacobs again put his 410 Winged Sprint car up against the guardrail in turns one and two to try to slip past Layfield but was unable to make the pass. As Layfield held a comfortable lead last week’s feature winner Mumaw would start working his way through the field and on lap 13 would power into third place. At the blistering pace Layfield was running he was maneuvering lapped traffic like a pro. Mumaw would catch Jacobs and on lap 14 dipped under Jacobs for second place and set his eyes on Layfield. As the leaders would slice inside and out of lapped traffic it appeared Mumaw was catching Layfield as the laps clicked off. At one point Layfield narrowly split two back markers to regain his lead over Mumaw. On lap 20 Mumaw was still driving as hard as he could to catch Layfield. As the checker flag flew it was Layfield coming home victorious over Mumaw, Jacobs, Dolick and Crabtree. Heat race winners were Dolick and Mumaw.

Friday, August 5, 2011

410 Winged Sprints (14 Cars)
Heat #1
1. Jason Dolick 2. Aaron Shaffer 3. Lee Jacobs 4. Nick Patterson (#33) 5. Shawn Hubler 6. Broc Martin 7. Chris Myers
Heat #2
1. Danny Mumaw 2. Andre Layfield 3. Kory Crabtree 4. Butch Beasley 5. Nick Patterson (#23) 6. Chris Smith 7. Pete Grove
1. Andre Layfield 2. Danny Mumaw 3. Lee Jacobs 4. Jason Dolick 5. Kory Crabtree 6. Butch Beasley 7. Shawn Hubler 8. Nick Patterson (#33) 9. Pete Grove 10. Chris Smith 11. Aaron Shaffer 12. Broc Martin 13. Nick Patterson (#23) DNS:Chris Myers