Speedweek Launches New Branding, Promoters Meet in Adelaide

World Series Sprintcars Speedweek Logo

World Series Sprintcars Speedweek LogoFrom WSS

Hosted at the Speedway Australia national office, representatives of the five World Series Sprintcars Speedweek venues met to discuss a range of issues and exciting initiatives for the 2012/13 series.

Chief amongst the discussions was the decision to launch a new standalone branding identity for the high profile mini-series (pictured), increasing the series’ visibility as well as its appeal to corporate partners.

The new branding will be featured on series apparel, official’s clothing and other promotional items during the series.

Also discussed at the meeting were the exciting developments surrounding the all-new big screen and television package from MediaTec, which will feature the most technically advanced Mobile LED equipment in Australasia.

Murray Machining & Sheds Murray Bridge Speedway’s Tim McAvaney was upbeat when asked about the innovations in store for the series’ 26th anniversary.

“Some of the innovations we have learnt about with regards to the Mediatec Big Screen and Television package sound very exciting. The fans on the hill at Murray Bridge will experience a whole new show,” McAvaney enthused.

Another change for the upcoming season will be the move away from 3 consecutive nights of racing to begin Speedweek, traditionally the most exhausting stretch of the World Series Sprintcars calendar for teams, fans and officials.

For the 2012/13 series, WSS has introduced a rest day after racing in Murray Bridge, moving Mount Gambier’s round to Saturday night, a move welcomed by the track’s management.

“To have the lay day ahead of night three is a real positive, as is the fact we will be hosting round three on a Saturday night,” said Borderline Speedway’s Kerry Hill.

“We are extremely confident that the excitement and prestige surrounding Speedweek will again be on show for all to see, and we hope to see a huge Saturday night crowd at the Mount.”

As in past years, the series will invade Victoria on December 30, where Avalon Raceway’s Jeff Drew is excited about the new breed of drivers on hand, and is confident car counts will be high at the Geelong venue.

“The contracted boys will certainly have their hands full as a number of our local Victorian stars as well as the other Speedweek regulars will be going after the ten grand on offer,” Drew said.

Premier Speedway’s David Mills was similarly enthusiastic at the prospect of the mini-series once again culminating on the hallowed high banks of Sungold Stadium.

“It’s always more than just another Sprintcar show on January 1, it is the traditional Speedway start to the New Year and we are confident that the best of the best will again be on show for all to see,” exclaimed the Premier Speedway General Manager.

At the conclusion of the day-long meeting, all parties left confident in the direction of World Series Sprintcars and excited at the long-term prospects of the series.

Speedway Australia Chairperson and Speedway City promoter Wendy Turner summed up the meeting.

“It was probably overdue that the Speedweek tracks got together and discussed all things WSS.  I think it is fair to say that all tracks involved left the room confident that Speedweek will be, as always, a huge success.”

“Bring on Boxing Day.”

The 26th annual World Series Sprintcars Championship begins on December 26 at Speedway City in South Australia.  Visit worldseriessprintcars.com.au for the full Speedweek and series schedule, as well as all of the latest news, including the full roster of contracted drivers as they are announced.