New Transfer / Line-Up Format Await Teams & Fans

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Tulsa OK — (January 25, 2013)  –In addition, the number of cars from the heat races transferring to the A Feature will change from 16 to 12. The dozen automatic transferred cars that make the transfer to the feature will line up in an inverted manner according to their “Feature Point Averages” beginning with the second race of the 2013 season. The season opener will use the same format as 2012 so that drivers can establish their feature point averages. The “Pole Dash” race that had previously determined the line up of the first three rows of the A Feature has been eliminated.

“ We believe the new format will be an exciting system,” said OCRS president Barry Grabel. “In researching this format carefully after Mike Barros (OCRS technical inspector) first presented it, we have come to find that this will be a system that will place our best teams in a position to work a little harder to achieve their goals of winning an OCRS event while allowing other teams a balanced opportunity to do the same.” Grabel added: “The fans are sure going to like it because they will see just how good the best performers (based on point averages) are when they have to start mid-pack at each event.”


Here is how the new format will be implemented:


As with past seasons, teams will draw a numbered pill for their starting positions in the qualifying heat races.


The top 12 in passing points will automatically transfer to the A Feature. The balance of the field will compete in one (or more) B feature’s.


If 21-27 cars sign in, there will be a single B Feature with the top 8 transferring to the A Feature. The transferred cars will line up in the order they finished behind the 12 cars locked into the A feature.


If 28 cars or more cars sign in, there will be two B Feature’s with the top four of each transferring to the A feature. The top 4 in the first B Feature will line up on the inside row behind the A Feature locked in cars while the top 4 cars in the second B Feature will do the same on the outside row.


Point averages on the A & B Feature finishes will be tracked after each event (Heat race finishes are not included in average calculation). Of the 12 “locked in” drivers from the heat races, the driver with the highest feature point average will start fully inverted in the front six rows. Thus if Racer X has the highest point average of the 12, he/she will start outside row six. The rest of the locked in dozen will be lined up likewise.



In the event a driver does not have a feature point average due to being a first time participant for the season, their heat race passing points earned will be used as their ‘feature point average’ for that night’s features. Thus if Racer X has 57.5 points from their heat race, they will be slotted into the order of the other drivers who have established feature point averages. Unlike a typical local track ruling, a first time participant DOES NOT have to start at the rear of each race unless their initial pill draw and/or on-track performance that night dictates such a starting position.




In the event of a tie in heat race passing points, the driver earning the points first gets the position earned. This includes a tie for the twelfth and final lock in position for the A Feature.  Examples:


If Racer X and Racer Y each earn 55 points in their heat race, the driver who competed in the earlier heat race was the first driver to earn the points and thus would get the nod for the position earned. If both drivers tied in points were in the same heat race, the driver finishing ahead of the other is credited with having earned the points first.


OCRS is working diligently to provide the race teams with the utmost balanced and fairest competition possible while providing the beloved fans of our series with the best entertainment value in the marketplace today. We look forward in having a GREAT season in 2013!


The sounds of thunder are beginning to crackle in the distance…………………….“Get Ready”.