Radcliffe Wins URSS Feature at Dawson County Raceway

URSS United Rebel Sprint Series Top Story

Lexinton, NE — (May 5, 2013) — Jeff Radcliffe won the United Rebel Sprint Series feature Sunday night at Dawson County Raceway. Luke Cranston, Ray Seemann, Jake Bubak, and Mark Walinder rounded out the top five.

1. Jeff Radcliffe
2. Luke Cranston
3. Ray Seemann
4. Jake Bubak
5. Mark Walinder
6. Richie Dewell
7. Greg Reiners
8. John Webster
9. Judd Sheaffer
10 Doug Roth
11 Mike Madden
12 Keefe Hemel DNF
13 Zac Taylor DNF
14 Tom Belsky DNF
15 Shawn Radcliffe DNF
16 Nate Berry DNS