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From Selinsgrove Speedway

Selinsgrove, PA — (May 18, 2014) — Mark Smith powered to a convincing win in Saturday night’s 25-lap Mach 1 Chassis Empire Super Sprint (ESS) 360 sprint car feature over defending champion Jason Shultz of Carlisle. The $3,000 win was Smith’s third of the season and eighth career in 358-360 sprint car competition at the track.

The race was marred by a serious crash on lap three involving three drivers at the end of the backstretch. Duane Mausteller of Bloomsburg and Jamie Collard of Burford, Ont., were transported to the Geisinger Medical Center in Danville with undisclosed injuries. Also involved in the incident was Shawn Donath of South Onondaga, N.Y., who escaped injury.

Jeff Rine of Danville returned to Victory Lane for his second win of the season in the 25-lap late model feature. The win also marked Rine’s second of the weekend, having picked up the win Friday night at the Bedford Speedway, and 87th career at Selinsgrove.

Kyle Bachman of Selinsgrove drove to his first win of the season in the 15-lap pro stock feature, while defending champion Brian Johnson of Ashland won his second 12-lap roadrunner race.

The next race at Selinsgrove Speedway will be the Ray Tilley Classic for 410 sprint cars at 7 p.m. Sunday, May 25. The super sportsman and 305 sprint cars will join the 410 sprint cars for the open wheel tripleheader. Track gates will open at 5 p.m.

Outside front row starter TJ Stutts took the lead at the start of the sprint car feature and was chased by fourth-place starter Cody Keller. The race was halted on the third circuit for a backstretch crash involving eighth-place starter Jamie Collard, 10th-place starter Shawn Donath, and 18th-place starter Duane Mausteller. Mausteller was air-lifted to the Geisinger Medical Center in Danville and Collard was transported by ambulance with undisclosed injuries. Donath was not injured in the crash.

When the race resumed, Stutts continued to lead over Keller, seventh-place starter Mark Smith, 12th-place starter Pat Cannon, and sixth-place starter Jason Barney. On a lap 10 restart, Smith and Cannon drove by Keller for the second and third positions. Stutts and Smith then dueled for the lead only to make contact on the frontstretch, which sent Stutts into a wild spin into the first turn.

On the lap 12 retart, 14th-place starter Jason Shultz showed a lot of speed and stormed into second. Shultz and Cannon then dueled for the position while Keller remained a close fourth. With five laps remaining, Keller took third away from Cannon. At the finish, Smith was victorious by 2.2 seconds over Shultz, Keller, Cannon, and 17th-place starter Steve Poirier.
Second-place starter Dave Zona powered into the lead at the start of the late model feature over polesitter Tim Wilson and sixth-place starter Jim Bernheisel. On the fourth circuit, seventh-place starter Jeff Rine advanced to the fourth position.

The caution flag unfurled on lap nine when Jim Yoder’s car rolled to a stop in turn four. On the lap 10 restart, Bernheisel passed Wilson for the runner up spot. Wilson, however, stopped in turn two on the next lap. A multi-car pileup unfolded in turn four on lap 12; all drivers escaped injury. Then Bernheisel dropped out of the race on the restart.

With 10 laps to go, Zona was leading Rine, ninth-place starter Bryan Bernheisel, and 10th-place starter Andy Haus. Rine made the winning pass using the outside lane coming off turn on the 18th lap. He went on to win the race by five seconds over Zona, B. Bernheisel, Haus, and 11th-place starter Steve Campbell.

Polesitter Kyle Bachman wired the field for his first win of the season in the pro stock feature. Bachman was chased by second-place starter Jake Buck and third-place starter Adam Campbell. Campbell took over second for several laps. The race saw a caution flag on lap five when Nathan Long’s car rolled to a stop.

When the race resumed, Bachman stretched his lead over the field. In the final laps of the race, three-time winner and 11th-place starter Brad Mitch made a last-ditch effort to catch Bachman and keep his winning streak alive. At the finish, Bachman was victorious by 2.6 seconds over Mitch, Campbell, Buck, and Andrew Shoop.

Polesitter Brandon Shultz led the first two laps of the roadrunner feature. Sixth-place starter John Fowler Jr. took over the lead on lap three and also led for two laps. Eighth-place starter Keith Bissinger kept his racer at the front of the pack through lap eight, when fifth-place starter Brian Johnson made the winning pass. Johnson was victorious over Bissinger, Fowler, Butch Shaffer, and Ed Capper.

360 Sprint Cars – 31 Entries
25-Lap A-Main: 1) 1 Mark Smith 2) 29 Jason Shultz 3) 99K Cody Keller 4) 3 Pat Cannon 5) 28P Steve Poirier 6) 422 Etienne Girard 7) 67 Steve Collins 8) 45 Chuck Hebing 9) 87 Jason Barney 10) 19K Paul Kinney 11) 10 Jeff Cook 12) 71 Jessica Anderson 13) 61 Parker Evans 14) 13 Kevin Ward Jr. 15) 23 TJ Stutts 16) 33W Michael Walter II 17) 2 Dave Axton 18) 90 Matt Tanner 19) 98 Joe Trenca 20) 77Z Jessica Zemken 21) 7X Jamie Collard 22) 21 Duane Mausteller 23) 53 Shawn Donath 24) 66 Ryan Kissinger
Heat Winners: TJ Stutts, Kevin Ward, Etienne Girard
B-Main Winner: Chuck Hebing
Dash Winner: TJ Stutts
Late Models – 31 Entries
25-Lap A-Main: 1) 2J Jeff Rine 2) 99Z Dave Zona 3) 119B Bryan Bernheisel 4) 76 Andy Haus 5) 2 Steve Campbell 6) 27X Dylan Yoder 7) 7 Donnie Schick 8) 4D Chad Hollenbeck 9) 9 Hayes Mattern 10) 19 Dustin Hoffman 11) 11 Jason Schmidt 12) 28 Jason Smith 13) 93 Pancho Lawler 14) 7M Meade Hahn 15) 14 Dave Brouse Sr. 16) 88 Tony Adams 17) 119 Jim Bernheisel 18) 26 Jerry Bard 19) 3 Tim Wilson 20) 23P Bud Phillips 21) 14B Austin Berry 22) 27 Jim Yoder 23) 45 Eric Hons 24) 61 Ken Trevitz
Heat Winners: Hayes Mattern, Tim Wilson, Pancho Lawler
B-Main Winner: Bud Phillips
Pro Stocks – 21 Entries
15-Lap A-Main: 1) 99 Kyle Bachman 2) 10M Brad Mitch 3) 2C Adam Campbell 4) 11 Jake Buck 5) 8S Andrew Shoop 6) 1C Jamin Chapman 7) 26 AJ Stroup 8) 8M Brandon Moser 9) 26S Nate Stroup 10) 40 Tommy Slanker 11) 83 Matt Wilson 12) 111 Derrick Garman 13) 31 Chris Snyder 14) 28J Jeff Ceballo 15) 28 Dan Condo 16) 85 Terry Lauver 17) 32 Tom Hartman 18) 63 Nathan Long DNF 19) 6C Bill Cooper DNF 20) 6 Nate Herman DNF 21) 1 Peanut Heintzelman DNS
Heat Winners: Nathan Long, Kyle Bachman
Roadrunners – 10 Entries
12-Lap A-Main: 1) 201 Brian Johnson 2) 11 Keith Bissinger 3) 02 John Fowler 4) 7 Butch Shaffer 5) F14 Ed Capper 6) 22 Ricky Buss 7) 89 John Schoch 8) 31B Brandon Shultz 9) 8K Jeremy Kline 10) Curtis Lawton