Lasoski wins NSL feature at Mason City Motor Speedway

(l to r) Second place Sammy Swindell, winner Danny Lasoski, and third place Ian Madsen following the National Sprint League event at Brown County Speedway. (Image courtesy of Inside Line Promotions)
(l to r) Second place Sammy Swindell, winner Danny Lasoski, and third place Ian Madsen following the National Sprint League event at Brown County Speedway. (Image courtesy of Inside Line Promotions)
From Inside Line Promotions

Mason City, IA — (June 19, 2016) — Danny Lasoski returned to Victory Lane on Sunday evening when he claimed the National Sprint League debut at Mason City Motor Speedway.

Lasoski kicked off the inaugural visit to the half-mile oval, which hadn’t hosted a 410ci winged sprint car event in approximately three decades, by setting quick time during qualifying. He then maneuvered from fourth to second place in a heat race and was the driver with the most points entering the feature inversion, which was a two. That lined Lasoski up on the outside of the second row for the 20-lap main event.

Ian Madsen took the top spot on the opening lap with Lasoski advancing to third place on Lap 2 and into the runner-up position on Lap 9. Two laps later he used the bottom groove to his advantage to take the lead exiting turn four.

Lasoski led the remainder of the main event despite a challenge from hard charging Sammy Swindell, who started seventh, cracked the top five on Lap 3, advanced into third place on Lap 9 and passed Madsen for second during a restart on Lap 14 following the first of two cautions.

Madsen ended third with Terry McCarl placing fourth and championship points leader Craig Dollansky fifth. Lasoski cut Dollansky’s lead from 92 points entering the night to only four points.

Lasoski’s quick time was his fourth during eight National Sprint League events this season. His feature win ties him with Dollansky and Kerry Madsen for a series-leading two triumphs.

Madsen, Dollansky and Matt Juhl were the heat race winners.

The National Sprint League returns to action next Friday at Jackson Motorplex in Jackson, Minn., during an event that includes the World of Outlaws Craftsman Sprint Car Series, and Saturday at Knoxville Raceway in Knoxville, Iowa.

NATIONAL SPRINT LEAGUE NOTES : Danny Lasoski earned a $200 bonus from Deberg Concrete and a $50 certificate from Slade Shock Technology for setting quick time during time trials. … Ian Madsen garnered a $100 certificate from Walker Filtration Performance for winning a heat race. … Craig Dollansky scored a $100 certificate from Kaeding Performance for winning a heat race. … Matt Juhl captured a certificate from Keizer Aluminum Wheels for winning a heat race. … Dollansky was the So Close Award winner and received a certificate from Rod End Supply for being the highest starting NSL driver who missed the feature redraw. … Austin Johnson powered to the Locked in Award by being the last driver to take the green flag in the A Main to garner a $100 certificate from Hooker Harness. … Sammy Swindell picked up a $50 certificate from KSE Racing Products for being the Hard Charger in the A Main.

National Sprint League Sprint Car Series Race Report: Mason City Motor Speedway in Mason City, Iowa, on June 19, 2016 –

Deberg Concrete/Slade Shock Technology Time Trials: 1. 2-Danny Lasoski 16.423; 2. 29-Kerry Madsen 16.486; 3. 21-Brian Brown 16.533; 4. 1s-Sammy Swindell 16.551; 5. 12-Lynton Jeffrey 16.576; 6. 24-Terry McCarl 16.691; 7. 18-Ian Madsen 16.758; 8. 2ks-Craig Dollansky 16.822; 9. 09-Matt Juhl 16.824; 10. 17a-Austin McCarl 16.859; 11. 56n-Davey Heskin 16.945; 12. 44-Chris Martin 17.023; 13. 10-Dakota Hendrickson 17.028; 14. 7-Kaley Gharst 17.074; 15. 55-Brooke Tatnell 17.090; 16. 81-Austin Johnson 17.134; 17. 7w-Tasker Phillips 17.307.

Walker Performance Filtration Heat Race #1 (8 Laps): 1. 18-Ian Madsen (2); 2. 2-Danny Lasoski (4); 3. 17a-Austin McCarl (1); 4. 1s-Sammy Swindell (3); 5. 10-Dakota Hendrickson (5); 6. 81-Austin Johnson (6).

Kaeding Performance Heat Race #2 (8 Laps): 1. 2ks-Craig Dollansky (2); 29-Kerry Madsen (4); 3. 56n-Davey Heskin (1); 4. 7w-Tasker Phillips (6); 5. 7-Kaley Gharst (5); 6. 12-Lynton Jeffrey (3).

Keizer Aluminum Wheels Heat Race #3 (8 Laps): 1. 09-Matt Juhl (2); 2. 21-Brian Brown (4); 3. 24-Terry McCarl (3); 4. 44-Chris Martin (1); 5. 55-Brooke Tatnell (5).

A Feature (20 Laps): 1. 2-Danny Lasoski (4); 2. 1s-Sammy Swindell (7); 3. 18-Ian Madsen (1); 4. 24-Terry McCarl (8); 5. 2ks-Craig Dollansky (5); 6. 21-Brian Brown (2); 7. 29-Kerry Madsen (3); 8. 09-Matt Juhl (6); 9. 17a-Austin McCarl (9); 10. 55-Brooke Tatnell (16); 11. 7w-Tasker Phillips (14); 12. 7-Kaley Gharst (15); 13. 56n-Davey Heskin (11); 14. 10-Dakota Hendrickson (13); 15. 44-Chris Martin (12); 16. 81-Austin Johnson (17); 17. 12-Lynton Jeffrey (10). Laps led: Ian Madsen 1-10; Danny Lasoski 11-20.


.1. 2ks-Craig Dollansky 2946; 2. 2-Danny Lasoski 2942; 3. 21-Brian Brown 2735; 4. 18-Ian Madsen 2701; 5. 55-Brooke Tatnell 2366; 6. 56n-Davey Heskin 2131; 7. 7w-Tasker Phillips 1982; 8. 29-Kerry Madsen 1831; 9. 1s-Sammy Swindell 1651; 10. 24-Terry McCarl 1615.