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Red Dirt Raceway

Brill Rained Out

July 22, 2012

The program scheduled for Friday at Brill Motor Speedway was canceled due to excessive heat. [...]

Cobb Wins at Brill

June 23, 2012

Kyle Cobb won the Champ Sprint feature Friday night at Brill Motor Speedway. Travis Cobb, Loyd Clevenger, Brandon Jennings, and Jimmy Taylor rounded out the top five. Gil White won the eSprint feature. [...]

OCRS Kicks Season Off at Brill

April 26, 2012

Friday night, at the Brill Motor Speedway in Meeker Oklahoma, the Tulsa based Oil Capital Racing Series winged sprint cars will begin the 12th chapter in OCRS racing competition and the season looks very bright for the series. [...]
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