Maiolo Wins at Perth

JAMIE Maiolo survived the restarts and the action behind him to win the 30-lap WA Sprintcar Muster at the Perth Motorplex.

He won from David Priolo and Ben Ellement after starting from pole position.

Priolo said he did his best to write the car off in an attempt to get on the podium and said he was under attacks from the Ellement brothers.

Maiolo had a smile on his face and made amends after not getting his win the previous week.

“We gave away a couple last weekend but not tonight,” Maiolo said.

“To get the car going on that it was good, especially with the big races coming up.”

Adyme Harvey went over in the first turn on the opening lap, forcing a full restart.

In the fifth lap Maiolo had contact with Sheldon Brady which saw Brady stop and then collected by Shaun Bradford who valiantly tried to stop before hitting Brady’s car hard, putting both cars out.

Seconds later another red light after Bradley Maiolo slammed hard into the pits bend in a helicopter-like spin.

Ben Ellement, who started 10th, made some serious moves forward and was up to fifth after nine laps thanks to some good driving, including a good slide job on Jason Boland.

Two laps later he moved into fourth.

With 14 laps to go Troy Wilson got crossed up in pits bend and as the car corrected he didn’t have the power to keep up the momentum, forcing a restart.

Priolo showed plenty of pace in the latter part of the race and made a couple of moves on David Ellement and was then under attack from Ben Ellement in a very entertaining battle for the minor placings.

Priolo went high with four to go on the back straight and nearly made it stick, but just tagged the wall.

He came back two laps later to make the move stick on David Ellement and was followed through seconds later by Ben Ellement.

David Ellement was the quickest in qualifying with a 14.435 second lap, followed by Allan Nash in 14.457 and Bradley Maiolo in 14.556.

“We are getting there, mate…we are getting quicker and quicker,” Jason Boland said after winning the first heat from Ben Dickson and Shaun Bradford.

He said his goals were to finish

Aydme Harvey won heat two from David Priolo and Jamie Maiolo in a race that saw Ken Sartori ride out a massive dumper on the back straight.

His car appeared to turn right and after making contact with Priolo he flipped hard.

“The car was a lot better than earlier on in the night…it is slowly getting there,” Troy Lawson said after winning the third heat from Sartori and Boland.

“We want to be fast at the end of the night, not the start of the night.”

Ben Dickson won the final heat race after surviving a spirited challenge from Adyme Harvey who rode his wheels and slipped backed to fourth and then held off Ben Ellement, with Jamie Maiolo third.

Sprintcar qualifying: David Ellement 14.435, Allan N ash 14.457, Bradley Maiolo 14.556, David Priolo 14.595, Ben Ellement 14.702, Jamie Maiolo 14.778, Shaun Bradford 14.859, Steven Ford 14.865, Kris Coyle 14.961, Todd Waddell 14.962, Luch Monte 15.034, Wayne Russell 15.070, Troy Wilson 15.125, Garry Miller 15.148, Jason Boland 15.539, Ken Sartori 15.578, Ben Dickson 15.599, Adyme Harvey 15.697, Troy Lawson 15.929, Sheldon Brady 17.268, Richard Bargwell NTT.

Heat 1: 1st Jason Boland, 2nd Ben Dickson, 3rd Shaun Bradford, 4th Troy Wilson, 5th Troy Lawson, 6th Bradley Maiolo, 7th David Ellement. DNF: Kris Coyle, Luch Monte, Ben Ellement.

Heat 2: 1st Adyme Harvey, 2nd David Priolo, 3rd Jamie Maiolo, 4th Wayne Russell, 5th Steven Ford, 6th Todd Waddell, 7th Garry Miller, 8th Sheldon Brady, 9th Richard Bargewell. DNF: Ken Sartori and Allan Nash.

Heat 3: 1st Troy Lawson, 2nd Ken Sartori, 3rd Jason Boland, 4th Luch Monte, 5th Wayne Russell, 6th Shaun Bradford, 7th David Priolo, 8th Steven Ford, 9th Bradley Maiolo, 10th Sheldon Brady.

Heat 4: 1st Ben Dickson, 2nd Ben Ellement, 3rd Jamie Maiolo, 4th Adyme Harvey, 5th David Ellement, 6th Troy Wilson, 7th Todd Waddell. DNF: Garry Miller.

Feature: 1st Jamie Maiolo, 2nd David Priolo, 3rd Ben Ellement, 4th David Ellement, 5th Ken Sartori, 6th Troy Lawson, 7th Jason Boland, 8th Luch Monte, 9th Troy Wilson, 10th Todd Waddell.

Our Car Autos WA Wingless Sprint Title:
Trevor Reynolds is the new WA Wingless Sprint champion after he won the Our Car Autos WA Wingless Sprint championship from Lee Nash and Darren Sutton.

Reynolds took full advantage of a front row start with Allan Nash after he had a pair of seconds while Nash qualified on pole after a pair of heat wins.

Reynolds was the early leader from Allan Nash, Lee Nash and Sutton.

A spin involving Ryan Condren and Garry Walsh bunched the field up after two laps.

Lee Nash went into second on the restart with plenty of bumping and close racing involving both the Nash boys.

Sutton slipped into third with seven laps to go with Allan Nash driving with a broken right nerf bar that eventually fell off.

Seconds later there was another restart after Adam Brauer spun out in pits bend.

Sutton showed his nose on Nash in the latter part of the race but couldn’t make a move that stuck and settled for third.

“I haven’t driven that hard for years…I never thought I would ever get back behind the wheel,” Sutton said.

Nash paid credit to his father Des for his expertise in setting up the car and also to the Williamson family for being part of their team.

Naturally Reynolds was happy with his win after admitting they had a bad start to his wingless racing (being a former open sprintcar racer) with engine blow ups.

“This is awesome,” Reynolds said,

Allan Nash won the first heat race from Trevor Reynolds and Lee Nash, while in the second race it was Carl Pickersgill from Nikki Nash and Walsh.

Sutton claimed the third heat and was stoked that his wife and daughter had made the trek to the Motorplex to see him win a race.

“I am absolutely stuffed…it is pretty hard yakka out there,” Sutton said.

Allan Nash won the fourth and final heat from Reynolds and Ben Migro.

Nash admitted on the microphone he was concentrating efforts on the wingless car after breaking the crank in the engine of his #51 open sprintcar earlier on the night.

He said he had to drive the wingless version a little bit different to what he was used to with the more powerful car.

“You had to drive these things with a little bit more finesse and you can’t get them sideways…if you keep them straight they will be fast,” Nash said.

Heat 1: 1st Allan Nash, 2nd Trevor Reynolds, 3rd Lee Nash, 4th Bill Stocks, 5th Liam Dowling, 6th Danny Attwood, 7th Marshall McDiarmid (relegated two spots for infield passing), 8th Bradley Phillips, 9th Ryan Condren, 10th Thomas Bovell.

Heat 2: 1st Carl Pickersgill, 2nd Nikki Nash, 3rd Garry Walsh, 4th Lee Redmond, 5th Darren Sutton, 6th Ben Migro, 7th Merv Lowther, 8th Chad Gordon, 9th Adam Brauer, 10th Philip Taylor, 11th Berend Kaaks.

Heat 3: 1st Darren Sutton, 2nd Marshall McDiarmid, 3rd Lee Nash, 4th Lee Redmond, 5th Liam Dowling, 6th Merv Lowther, 7th Nikki Nash, 8th Thomas Bovell, 9th Berend Kaas, 10th Philip Taylor, 11th Bradley Phillips.

Heat 4: 1st Allan Nash, 2nd Trevor Reynolds, 3rd Ben Migro, 4th Ryan Condren, 5th Bill Stocks, 6th Carl Pickersgill, 7th Garry Walsh, 8th Chad Gordon, 9th Danny Attwood, 10th Adam Brauer.

Final: 1st Trevor Reynolds, 2nd Lee Nash, 3rd Darren Sutton, 4th Allan Nash, 5th Marshall McDiarmid, 6th Lee Redmond, 7th Ben Migro, 8th Nikki Nash, 9th Bill Stocks, 10th Chad Gordon, 11th Phillip Taylor, 12th Thomas Bovell, 13th Berend Kaaks. DNF: Carl Pickersgill, Merv Lowther, Adam Brauer, Bradley Phillips, Liam Dowling, Ryan Condren, Danny Attwood and Garry Walsh.

Blackman Fabrication 360 Sprintcars:
Rob Adley, who now lives in Kalgoorlie, was the winner of the Blackman Fabrication 360 Sprintcar Muster after he won the final from Phil Johnson and Jodi Waldron.

“That was just awesome…that was the first time I have run this car this year,” Adley said.

“We worked our butts off just before Christmas on this car…that thing was on rails.”

The car is owned by the Achee family who normally run the #33 machine in Kalgoorlie.

360 Sprintcar qualifying: Michael Robertson 15.631, Garry Miller 15.925, Phil Johnson 16.192, Rob Adley 16.638, Ray Fitzsimmons 16.647, Callum Williamson 17.22, Nathan Brady 17.510, Jodi Waldron 17.789, Paul Fiedlerp 19.438.

Race 1: 1st Callum Williamson, 2nd Jodi Waldron, 3rd Rob Adley, 4th Michael Robertson, 5th Phil Johnson, 6th Garry Miller, 7th Ray Fitzsimmons. DNF: Nathan Brady and Paul Fiedlerp.

Race 2: 1st Jodi Waldron, 2nd Rob Adley, 3rd Ray Fitzsimmons, 4th Phil Johnson, 5th Callum Williamson, 6th Garry Miller. DNF: Nathan Brady, Michael Robertson and Paul Fiedlerp.

Final: 1st Rob Adley, 2nd Phil Johnson, 3rd Jodi Waldron, 4th Callum Williamson, 5th Garry Miller, 6th Nathan Brady. DNF: Ray Fitzsimmons.

Combined Smash Repairs New Year Speedcar Derby:
Glen Mears was the top pointscorer in the Combined Smash Repairs New Year Speedcar Derby from Rick Geneve and Neville Lance.

“This is the first time we have been up on the podium,” Mears said.

“It was a fantastic track loving it.”

Race 1: 1st Dayne Kingshott, 2nd Paul Robinson, 3rd Glen Mears, 4th Neville Lance, 5th Rick Geneve, 6th Tom Watson, 7th Glenn Riseley, 8th Perry Farcich, 9th Brett Matherson, 10th Craig Lawrence. DNF: Jason Roser, Ross Heywood.

Race 2: 1st Dayne Kingshott, 2nd Glen Mears, 3rd Rick Geneve, 4th Brett Matherson, 5th Glenn Riseley, 6th Tom Watson, 7th Neville Lance, 8th Jason Roser, 9th Paul Robinson, 10th Perry Farcich, 11th Craig Lawrence.

Race 3: 1st Neville Lance, 2nd Rick Geneve, 3rd Glen Mears, 4th Glenn Riseley, 5th Tom Watson, 6th Jason Roser, 7th Perry Farcich, 8th Brett Matherson, 9th Craig Lawrence. DNF: Paul Robinson, Dayne Kingshott.

Points: Glen Mears 295, Rick Geneve 293, Neville Lance 291, Glenn Riseley 287, Tom Watson 286, Brett Matherson 282, Dayne Kingshott 279, Perry Farcich 278, Craig Lawrence 273, Paul Robinson 270, Jason Roser 267, Ross Heywood 79.