Brian Brown – McCool Friday Ahead!

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A top five finish was not what Brian Brown was looking for after a front row starting spot at Knoxville Raceway on Saturday night. A frustrating weekend all around has the FVP #21 racing team working hard to get things righted for Friday with the World of Outlaws in McCool Junction, Nebraska, and Saturday, back at Knoxville.

Last Wednesday, Kasey Kahne’s “King of Sedalia” event fell to rain and was rescheduled for June 29. Qualifying was run, but then the rains came. “I think we were tenth or eleventh in the hot lap session, so we were feeling confident,” says Brian. “We just didn’t get the balance of our car right for qualifying. We made some adjustments that were wrong and we ended up fifteenth. I don’t mind starting from scratch on the 29th.”

Friday, the tow was made to northwest Iowa and the Rapid Speedway in Rock Rapids, Iowa. The 410 special marked Brian’s second appearance of 2010 at the bullring. He drove from 8th to 2nd in the heat. “Last time we were there, we struggled a little,” says the Grain Valley, Missouri driver. “We wanted to support that 410 program that they are running in the region. Things went well in the heat, so that was good for our confidence.”

One step forward after starting in row five, led to two steps back. “In the A, we started ninth, and got up to fourth on the first lap,” says Brian. “Everyone went to the bottom of three and four, and I stayed up high, which ended up being ‘No-man’s Land’. After the first lap, we were back in seventh or eighth, and we just weren’t very good.”

Brian would end up sixth at the checkers. “The track ended up taking rubber, and that was it,” he says. “It was our first run on the Goodyears on a slick track other than Knoxville. I felt like we learned a little bit with the tires, and we are working towards August on that. I’d like to congratulate Austin McCarl on getting his first career win.”

Despite a week resembling monsoons at Knoxville, Saturday’s track was blowing dust in hot laps. Brian timed in seventh quick. “A lot of times you will see that,” he says of the track’s condition despite the rain. “The Dunkins did a good job of keeping the track sealed with all the rain they’ve had. They tried to do some work prior to Saturday. The dry stuff makes it tough to qualify, but again, it is good practice for August if you draw a 75 pill.”

After a heat that saw him run third, Brian would start beside Don Droud Jr. in row one for the feature. The two are currently dueling for the point lead. “I just felt like we were off a little all night long,” says Brian. “We weren’t as good as we had been. We were able to start up front in the feature though, and I knew starting beside Droud, we’d have to get going pretty quick.”

Brian and the team anticipated a rarity at Knoxville: a rubber-down racetrack. “It wasn’t a matter of if, but when on the rubber,” he shares. “We were able to trade the lead with Droud on the first lap there. We had a yellow four or five laps in, and I made a bad decision in not going to the top on the restart. That allowed Wayne (Johnson) by me, and then (Johnny) Herrera found the rubber before we did.”

Brian would checker fifth. “I just felt like I made a C- performance in the feature there,” he says. “If you do that at Knoxville, you’re lucky to run fifth. I just need to pick my game up to even think about a championship.”

Brian looks forward to running at the Junction Motor Speedway in McCool Junction, Nebraska on Friday, before rolling on to Knoxville again on Saturday.

Knoxville Video Highlights Brian!

Brian is featured as “Racer of the Week” on the Knoxville website. Just go to Click on the “Videos” box on the homepage, and then scroll up and click on Brian’s featured video. The clip is about ten minutes long, and chronicles Brian’s history at Knoxville and in racing, and his recent second place finish with the Outlaws. You can also access highlights from the features at Knoxville all year long.

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Brian’s Q&A

Henry Anderson asks: The weekly car counts seem to be down a bit. What do you see as the cause?

Brian answers: The marketing partners are hard to come by out there. That’s where the economy hits hardest. For me, I had been on a Hoosier tire deal for most of my career, so when they switched tires it hit my bottom line. That may be the case for some. I don’t think it is one thing, I think it is a combination. From here, it could get way worse or way better. Personally, I don’t think you need more than 22-24 cars to have a good show. 40 will give you a B, but the cars we have now at Knoxville are quality.

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Brown’s Bits

In ten career starts at the Junction Motor Speedway in McCool Junction, Nebraska, Brian has won five times. He has added three seconds, a third and a twelfth place finish. Brian won the first time he saw the track on April 8, 2005, besting Chad Humston, Don Droud Jr., Jason Danley and Steve King. He has never run a 410 at the 3/8 mile oval.


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