Saturday Brings Darren Long and JGRacing Their First Top-10 with ASCS National!

From J.G. Motorsports

After a few ho-hum weekends of racing behind them JGRacing and
Darren Long came back this past Saturday on a mission to get back on
the horse and compete. And with the Western Swing up next the team has
confidence in themselves and their Gaerte Engine/Chassis combo.

Starting off with a 6 pill from the bag the team knew that a good
position in the heat would come from that, pole of the fifth heat to be exact.
Using the high side of the track for the first lap and a half the blue and
black 3g shot out into the lead until the right rear “fell” off the track on
the backstretch spinning the car around. Determined to not have that ruin
the night Darren went to the tail and proceeded to make it back up to 2nd
utilizing the bottom side of the race track.

Now starting on the pole of the second B-Main the JGRacing entry
used the top to enter the corner, drove down to the bottom through the
corner, and floated up on corner exit as Darren drove away from the
competition earning the win by ¾ of a lap.

Starting outside of the ninth row for the feature Darren knew he had
a car capable of a top-5 given enough laps. Now using the bottom of 1&2
and the top of 3&4 the march to the front began at the drop of the green flag.
After a caution at lap 8 Darren was now just outside of the top-10 with the
next four positions right in front of him. After a small bobble on the re-start
he quickly went back to work and passed some more cars before a red on lap
11 for a multiple car flip and then the cancellation of the program due to a
massive rain storm that everybody knew was coming. Tenth is where Darren
finished the night. This is the first top-10 for both Darren and JGRacing in
ASCS National competition.
This weeks Red Line Oil question is; what surgery did Darren have
during the 08-09 off-season? The winner will receive a bottle of Red Line
Oil Water Wetter that can be used in any type of vehicle that has a radiator.
Another new feature we will have; ask a question to the pros,
otherwise not me. Send me a question for Joe, Tim, or Darren and if your
question is picked it will be featured in the next press release. Please e-mail with Question of the Week in the subject line and I
will forward the one chosen it to the correct individual.

Darren Long has t-shirts available in all sizes. Stop at the trailer and
ask for one, prices are $15.

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