Wood Captures his First Career RMMRA Midget Feature Flag to Flag

From RMMRA Media

Calhan, CO (July 24, 2010) – 14 year old RMMRA rookie Midget Driver Cole Wood, driving the Southpoint Lincoln Mercury, Wagner Prop Shop, Joe Gibbs Racing Oil Spike/Esslinger captured his first career Rocky Mountain Midget Racing Association (RMMRA) “A” Feature Saturday night, sponsored by USA Performance Engines, at the El Paso County Fairgrounds Speedway in Calhan, CO.

With Wood on the pole and Mike Boesel on the outside led field to the green flag, with Wood taking the lead after lap one with Boesel following. On lap six, the red came for rookie midget driver Clint Schubert and Ryan Orter making contact between turns three and four with Schubert tipping over. Schubert’s night was over. On the restart, Wood took the point again with Boesel and Todd Plemons pursuing. On lap seventeen, the yellow came for Ryan Orter spinning in turn three, Orter retired to the pits. With the white flag waving, 2007 RMMRA Driver Champion Chris Sheil shot under Boesel coming out of turn four for the second position.

At the finishes, it was Wood, Sheil, Boesel, Julee Jamison, and Tony Rossi rounding out the top five positions.

Heat race winners were Julee Jamison and Kyle Rayburn. The “Dash for Cash” winner was Chris Sheil.

The Kinser Air Filter “Hard Charger Award” went to Tony Rossi. Rossi started in the 12th position and finished 5th.


Heat One (8 Laps) – 1. 3j-Julee Jamison, 2. 11-Chris Sheil, 3. 17-Todd Plemons, 4. 77-Mike Boesel, 5. 12-Keith Rauch, 6. 33-Scott Fennell, 7. 14-Tony Rossi.

Heat Two (8 Laps) – 1. 99-Kyle Rayburn, 2. 71-Greg Schaefer, 3. 44-Robert Hanley, 4. 44x-Clint Schubert(R), 5. 17w-Cole Wood(R), 6. 43-Ryan Orter(DNS), 7. 47-Butch Middleton(DNS).

Dash for Cash (6 Laps) – 1. 11-Chris Sheil

USA Performance Engines “A” Feature (25 Laps) – 1. 17w-Cole Wood(R), 2. 11-Chris Sheil, 3. 77-Mike Boesel, 4. 3j-Julee Jamison, 5. 14-Tony Rossi, 6. 17-Todd Plemons, 7. 71-Greg Schaefer, 8. 33-Scott Fennell, 9. 12-Keith Rauch, 10. 99-Kyle Rayburn, 11. 44-Robert Hanley, 12. 43-Ryan Orter(DNF), 13. 44x-Clint Schubert(DNF).